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pmlabrier 09-25-2000 04:15 AM

I have installed VNC on my Caldera Server. It works, but it only allows me a very plain Xfree session, how do I tell it to use KDE or Gnome?


Paul LaBrier

ctdp 09-25-2000 09:24 PM

X Configuration
Make a file, $HOME/.desktop, and put the string "KDE" or "GNOME" in it depending on the user's preferred X manager.

For information on this procedure and more on how X works see:
See the section 34, "How X works" under the header "How to set up X managers for different users". It explains how to set it up for various users and how to set the system settings.

Also the Linux User's guide at:
Item 42 describes the installation and use of VNC with X.

Let me know if this helps and how much.


kryliss 12-19-2000 01:25 PM

The way that I have my vnc xstartup is as follows


xrdb $HOME/.Xresources
xsetroot -solid grey
#xterm -geometry 80X24+10+10 -ls -title "$VNCSESKTOP Desktop" &
#twm &

startkde &

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