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m2azer 03-03-2008 09:48 AM

xv replacement
Hello all,

Is there a replacement for xv? according to what i read online it doesn't seem to be any updated package for xv since 1999

we needed a solution for people to have on certalizied server where people can use it to edit images through the termainal and X win.

any similar software to xv that do the same??


pwc101 03-03-2008 10:31 AM

Although xv is no longer actively developed by its creator, I believe there is an active community still adding functionality. Indeed, one of the links you supplied would indicate that is the case.

Nevertheless, as alternatives, I use kuickshow to display my images, but it has limited editing capabilities (rotate, flip etc.).

How much editing do you foresee necessary? Perhaps ImageMagick ( can do what you need? It's a pretty powerful suite of applications.

A quick google also threw up netpbm (, although I've never heard of it.

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