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TravisB 03-27-2002 01:37 PM

xmms and streaming radio
On support page, it says linux users can use xmms to listen. Ok, I have xmms, but how do I get it to play the stream? Is there a plugin or something?

acid_kewpie 03-27-2002 02:17 PM

no you don't need a plugin or anything, just go to the listen page, and click that play button thing, if it asks you what to do with the file, just tell it to load xmms.

TravisB 03-27-2002 02:26 PM

Thanks. I figured it out. When you click play on their site a new window opens. From that page you are asked to open or save a file. I saved the file and then opened it from xmms and it works.

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