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acidream 08-01-2004 07:47 PM

xfce4 modifier keys question
I have been playing around with xfce4 lately, and I was wondering if there is a way to change the alt key from being a modifier, or at least thats what it's called in KDE. Basically, I 'm trying to use Alias Wavefront Maya, and in order to tuble and pan the camera, you need to press alt + left mouse, alt + left mouse + middle mouse, etc, but in xfce4, it moves the window around, and resizes it. I've tried editing the keythemerc file, but none of those combinations are listed. Any help would be appreciated.


Mega Man X 08-01-2004 08:10 PM

Hi acidream!!!

XFCE's key binding is pretty limited. I'd recommend you (and so does the XFCE developers) to use XBindkeys in order to key full control of your key bindings.

Sorry for not having an actual help, but xbindkeys is worth the shot, regardless the Window/Desktop manager you are using ;)


acidream 08-01-2004 11:33 PM

I'll give that a try.

orgee 10-11-2004 03:17 PM

Hey man did you get it work? Im still hunting for a wm to use with Maya, a lightweight one. I have been using Windowmaker and I got the ALT key binding removed but there are still problems when I move fast that somehow the ALT key is enabled.. Weird, so im hunting again hehe

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