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armstrj 04-08-2002 04:40 AM

WinXP samba share - permissions?
Cannot see c/Program Files on samba mounted share:

Hi there - I can sucessfully mount my //host/c WinXP drive and see files etc in c/ and some directories, however even when I mount the share as administrator, I cannot see anything under 'c/Program Files'.

When I try to cd to a dir I know is there I get a permission denied. If I try to cd to a non-existant folder I get 'no such folder' error, so I conclude there is a winXP permissions problem.

I know that even when using explorer, that by default, the contents of /Progam Files is hidden - but I have changed this so that I can explore Program Files etc.

How do I get to see these files from my Linux mount?

Thanks in advance,

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