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Nemo_007 09-23-2003 03:54 PM

Winxp/linux dual boot & display problem
Dear all

I have a problem with winxp display resolution. I had winxp installed on my PC and was working fine with no problem at all, but when I installed redhat 7.3 for dual boot; the problem started.

I had installed redhat 7.3 on second hard disk and with no bootloader ( I had no chose to install one when asked during installation) and I boot from a floppy.

When I boot to RH I have no problem with resolution, what so ever; everything is fine; but when I try to boot to winxp It first boots up normally with no errors until it reaches the welcome screen than it reboots by itself, after the second reboot it boots up normally and I can login normally but the resolution is to pale (white) and when I try to change the resolution from control panel but no success (just remains the same). I had tried it on different monitor but the same problem.

I do not think it is monitor or graphics card issue because it works very well when I boot to RH ( everything is good as gold) but only when I boot to winxp the problem starts.

Can anyone help please. Your help and suggestions are fully appreciated.


deadbug 09-23-2003 04:51 PM

Sounds like you need to reload Windows. Folks here could spend a week with you going back and forth and maybe fix it, or you can put the install disk in and have it fixed in less than an hour. Quick and easy.

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