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timbelau 05-24-2003 10:11 PM

WineX in RH9
I installed WineX from the rpm winex3-3.0-1.i386.rpm in Red Hat 9. I am running a ATI Radeon 9000 Pro running the fglrx module as its driver, and a creative sound blaster live gamer edition using red hats own driver. The problem im having is while playing Dungeon Siege. when i start DS all i hear is the opening movie then theres only a blank screen:( .

This is a great game and would like to play it in linux. Thanks for the help in advance.

Timothy Belau

linux_pioneer 05-25-2003 07:03 PM

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Have you tried wine without the gui? I downloaded a cvs version that is supposed to be for gaming. I couldn't get it working on my system because it doesn't like nvidia's opengl (even though the tutorial says nvidia is the best for it). Maybe you should try it since you have an ATI. Here is the website:
It says how to install this game called halflife but it has a good section explaining how to install wine. Just follow that part.

timbelau 05-25-2003 11:11 PM

:Pengy: Well, the strange thing is that the game at least loaded to the main menu with the radeon drivers. it was slow, i went and got a pepsi during the menu animations :scratch: . I read on the transgamer site that the fglrx :confused: drivers might help but they just seemed to fix the problems with the screensavers. If it would fix it, i would just install another distro, which brings me to my other question: which, if any, linux distro is best for winex gaming and such?


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