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windows server 2003 as a host system for LINUX guest system VPS
Hi all,
I've been wondering if its possible to host LINUX VPS as a guest system on windows server 2003 x86 as a host system and both host system and guest system are exposed to the public internet serving as a web servers, MS IIS6 on windows and Apache on LINUX both machines share same real static IP address and listening on port 80 and i'm going to use the HTTP host header value to distinguish between websites , DNS is provided by other host running DNS server such as BIND .
For an example if i'm going to call the website www1.example.tld which is hosted on windows host system served by IIS6 and i'm going to call www2.example.tld which is hosted on LINUX VPS and served by Apache . how can i accomplish this and what software do i need to host LINUX guest system on windows i mean what software is it ( VMWARE ,VIRTUAL BOX ...etc ) please note the following both host machine and guest machine share same real static IP address .
If its not possible to share same ip i can assign another ip to the host system but how can i make the rest possible i mean virtualize LINUX to act as a web server providing services such as FTPd SMTPd SSHd MYSQld and so on Thanks in advance for your help

Eilya 09-20-2008 08:10 PM

What's the purpose??? what's useful?? As I know, Linux is so powerful and stable VS windows server which suffers from many bugs which decrease your security in comparison. So I cant believe the reason???
Eilya 09-22-2008 06:17 AM

Thanks for your advice
yes i agree with Linux is more better than win2k3
But i'm in need to win2k3 as an actual machine to run APS.NET pages

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