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Geefthegreat 04-09-2004 01:19 PM

Windows 98 boot with lilo problem, help need fast
Hello all,
i need help booting to windows 98 from lilo, i can select it but then it just says :
Sarting windows 98...
then it trys to read the floppy and says:
please enter the command interpreter (eg. C:/Windows/

i tried a chailoader with grub off a floppy and got the same thing.
i set up my bios to boot to direct to hda1 and it says
i am completely stumped.

here is my lilo.conf (if it will help at all)

P.S here is how its set up
hda1 windows 98
hda2 debian
hda3 debian swap

# /etc/lilo.conf - See: `lilo(8)' and `lilo.conf(5)',
# --------------- `install-mbr(8)', `/usr/share/doc/lilo/',
# and `/usr/share/doc/mbr/'.

# +---------------------------------------------------------------+
# | !! Reminder !! |
# | |
# | Don't forget to run `lilo' after you make changes to this |
# | conffile, `/boot/bootmess.txt', or install a new kernel. The |
# | computer will most likely fail to boot if a kernel-image |
# | post-install script or you don't remember to run `lilo'. |
# | |
# +---------------------------------------------------------------+

# Support LBA for large hard disks.

# Overrides the default mapping between harddisk names and the BIOS'
# harddisk order. Use with caution.
# bios=0x81

# bios=0x80

# Specifies the boot device. This is where Lilo installs its boot
# block. It can be either a partition, or the raw device, in which
# case it installs in the MBR, and will overwrite the current MBR.

# Specifies the device that should be mounted as root. (`/')

# Enable map compaction:
# Tries to merge read requests for adjacent sectors into a single
# read request. This drastically reduces load time and keeps the
# map smaller. Using `compact' is especially recommended when
# booting from a floppy disk. It is disabled here by default
# because it doesn't always work.
# compact

# Installs the specified file as the new boot sector
# You have the choice between: bmp, compat, menu and text
# Look in /boot/ and in lilo.conf(5) manpage for details

# Specifies the location of the map file

# You can set a password here, and uncomment the `restricted' lines
# in the image definitions below to make it so that a password must
# be typed to boot anything but a default configuration. If a
# command line is given, other than one specified by an `append'
# statement in `lilo.conf', the password will be required, but a
# standard default boot will not require one.
# This will, for instance, prevent anyone with access to the
# console from booting with something like `Linux init=/bin/sh',
# and thus becoming `root' without proper authorization.
# Note that if you really need this type of security, you will
# likely also want to use `install-mbr' to reconfigure the MBR
# program, as well as set up your BIOS to disallow booting from
# removable disk or CD-ROM, then put a password on getting into the
# BIOS configuration as well. Please RTFM `install-mbr(8)'.
# password=tatercounter2000

# Specifies the number of deciseconds (0.1 seconds) LILO should
# wait before booting the first image.

# You can put a customized boot message up if you like. If you use
# `prompt', and this computer may need to reboot unattended, you
# must specify a `timeout', or it will sit there forever waiting
# for a keypress. `single-key' goes with the `alias' lines in the
# `image' configurations below. eg: You can press `1' to boot
# `Linux', `2' to boot `LinuxOLD', if you uncomment the `alias'.
# message=/boot/bootmess.txt
# prompt
# single-key
# delay=100
# timeout=100

# Kernel command line options that apply to all installed images go
# here. See: The `boot-prompt-HOWO' and `kernel-parameters.txt' in
# the Linux kernel `Documentation' directory.
# append=""
append="hda=scsi hdb=scsi hdc=scsi hdd=scsi hde=scsi hdf=scsi hdg=scsi hdh=scsi apm=power-off nomce"

# Boot up Linux by default.


# restricted
# alias=1

# restricted
# alias=2

# If you have another OS on this machine to boot, you can uncomment the
# following lines, changing the device name on the `other' line to
# where your other OS' partition is.
# other=/dev/hda4
# label=HURD
# restricted
# alias=3

aaa 04-09-2004 01:23 PM

Are the Windows files intact?

Geefthegreat 04-09-2004 05:55 PM

ya, i can access all the windows files from linux.

J.W. 04-10-2004 08:34 PM

Try changing this:


to this:


Remember that any time you edit lilo.conf, you need to rerun lilo (/sbin/lilo) in order to make those changes effective. -- J.W.

Geefthegreat 04-11-2004 07:25 PM

didnt work

Pauli 04-11-2004 09:24 PM

I have a little off topic question, do you think putting 'help need fast' in the title will aid you in getting help faster? I doubt it. If someone will answer your question, they will do it whether or not you need help fast.

If you desperately need to get into windows, you can boot from the windows cd, go into the recovery console and do 'fixmbr' which will overwrite your master boot record which will automatically boot you into windows.

That is if you really need to get into windows badly, then to get into linux boot from the cd and mount the root partition (I think thats how you do it) and from there you can reinstall lilo. I would install it to a floppy until you get the conf right and it will boot into windows.

aaa 04-12-2004 06:53 AM


If you desperately need to get into windows, you can boot from the windows cd, go into the recovery console and do 'fixmbr' which will overwrite your master boot record which will automatically boot you into windows.
It's W98. It doesn't have 'fixmbr'. Boot with a DOS bootdisk and use 'fdisk /mbr'. Also, run 'sys c:' too. It will erase the Linux bootloader, not sure if it will fix your problem. Don't forget to make a bootdisk for Linux.

Geefthegreat 04-12-2004 06:47 PM

ya, i do need help fast b/c my dad is freaking out.
i kno how to use grub from a floppy, so can i re-write the W98 info to MBR then never use lilo and just boot from grub disk??? thanks.

sausagejohnson 04-12-2004 08:26 PM

Geefthegreat: I managed to do this with the windows partition at the end using grub. I presume you don't want to blow away the win98 contents. Was win98 working properly before you installed linux?

If you overwrite the mbr with windows again, can you boot windows?

Geefthegreat 04-13-2004 07:46 PM

ya, it was working fine,no i need all the win 98 contents,how do i write the win98 stuff back to the MBR???

sausagejohnson 04-13-2004 08:52 PM

If you have mandrake 10, use the CD in rescue mode to restore the MBR. Otherwsie try using a win98 bootdisk and typing sys a:

Since this is more windows related, do a search on google for restoring windows 98 mbr.

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