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salparadise 01-28-2003 09:11 AM

i've managed to completely screw up windowmaker to the point where
there are no entries in the right click menu

is there a way to restore it to the mandrake menu original (not the wm "new menu")?

any help would be appreciated


on the same subject...

how do i get the clock back ?

(oh dear...must stop fiddling...)

0x0001 01-28-2003 09:42 AM

How did you do so? If you deleted the entries, they are probably gone for good.
If you just renamed the file or directory used by windowmaker just rename it back.
To resoter it from the mandrake original, well you just :) have to find the file on the mandrake disks.

But seriously why don't you take this great opportunity and adapt the menu to your needs?

What clock?

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