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Quon 05-01-2013 07:04 PM

Why I hate Linux
Because when gnome went to shit and turned into an ugly disgusting bloated puss filled tablet OS wannabe and I switched to KDE there is virtually no apps for Qt. Everything is based around GTK and GTK is owned by gnome and I WILL NOT SELL MY SOUL BY USING THE ABOMINATION. Even if I wanted to it still isn't much better.

OpenOffice is a lame excuse for office software. Microsoft word is infinitely better in that it can actually function properly while OpenOffice/LibreOffice tries to bloat and be all advanced and nothing [mod edit] works, it's just shit. I find myself having to resort to Windows WHICH I HAVEN'T EVEN USED IN OVER A DECADE!!!!!

Theres no word processors that can even compete with the simplest of word processors for windows and mac.

EVERY [mod removed] DISTRIBUTION I INSTALL HAS ERRORS, ERRORS FROM HUMAN STUPIDITY,and IS BASICALLY BROKEN FROM THE VERY START. I have to fix their errors for an hour before it works properly if I am lucky.

Distributions used to NORMALLY work, once upon a time. Now they all suck ass. 2007-2009 was Linux's prime and its been plunging down the cesspool ever since.

Try to compete with Windows/Mac by not becoming them. Linux is a thing of the past as is all other unix based OSes in so far as they use virtually all the same software, and all use Xorg, the worst abomination to software ever to have existed in the history of the universe. Xorg is a disgusting self-righteous tumor sucking the life out of linux. Xorg is why no 3rd parties with half a brain will develop drivers for Linux and Xorg can't do it worth shit themselves.

Heres some problems I've found on the various distros: Every piece of software nowadays is designed to preempt errors and assumes everything I am doing is in error then tries to fix it against my will. Usability sacrificed for the possibility that all their users are [mod removed]!!!! Not to mention horrible things like mouse gestures, flying windows, resetting my brightness without my permission every time I reboot, turning off wireless for being unplugged to save power(OpenSUSE - fucking bright ones). etc etc etc.

Basically Linux is only functional headless and without any sort of school or office productivity requirements. IF I need a computer to use occasionally AS A COMPUTER then linux will no longer suffice. so its back to Windows.

The only Linux that works currently for me is the one I CREATED using LFS, but still the software is limited because open source software just plain sucks. Linux distributions are no longer nerdy, geeky, or smart, they are all lame and RETARDED, just sum them all up as "Retard OS".

There is no future for Linux it has been destroyed by stupidity. If someone is too stupid to use Windows, that is who Linux OS's are designed for nowadays. Though they'd still have to hack the shit out of them just to get them working from the start.

And another thing, Linux software treats Linux users like lepers: for example see: (They basically say "go to the repository if you are totally retarded otherwise burn in dependency hell for not being so.")

Ask one Windows user if they know what these are but they include binaries for windows and OS X. A binary for Linux is just as easy and can be packaged just as easily if so desired (firefox has a binary in a simple tgz albeit 32 bit only and it works fine if I dont want package management - I CAN PACKAGE IT STILL IN THE EVENT I DID!!!!) Well, if I want to spend 20 hours per week to do the most mundane simple tasks........ everything time I have to do anything, linux is great for that.

jefro 05-01-2013 07:27 PM

Not very nice to say anymore. "Retard OS"

smedley76 05-01-2013 08:16 PM

i read the first two paragraphs and couldnt read anymore, i couldnt stop laughing. to the OP: if you dont like it, you can fix it, or you just dont have to use it. but congrats to you for having the patience of building an lfs system.

John VV 05-01-2013 08:25 PM

then use a mainstream distro like
RHEL.4 or SELD 11sp2

Timothy Miller 05-01-2013 08:35 PM

If you don't like it, stop using it. Stick with Windows, or buy a Mac.

Problem solved. Your welcome.

onebuck 05-01-2013 08:47 PM

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