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eantoranz 11-02-2004 01:02 PM

where is some material to teach linux?
I've been a linux user for quite a while by now. I'd like to teach it to my co-workers (they are good at computers, some are programmers, some work on networks and so on... but all of them are windows slaves... and I'd like to get them "off the hole"... so to speak). They seem to be interested in learning it.

I don't want to break my head trying to gather material to teach them... That's something I've never been good at, so I'd like to get some guidelines and material that has already been seasoned by somebody with experience teaching it.

Do you know of a place where I could find some?

rshaw 11-02-2004 01:05 PM

eantoranz 11-02-2004 01:15 PM

Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery good material.... I'll keep that for myself. :D
(how come I find this after three years of strugling?)

Any other linux teaching guides?

eantoranz 11-02-2004 01:20 PM

What I mean to see is something like:

have your students set up a network interface. ask them to blah blah blah.

First, prepare an FTP server and get some files in a directory, publish the directory. Ask your students to log into the ftp server and do blah blah blah.


I want to keep them interested in the stuff. I want them to know what's important... and I'm very good at the opposite (always bringing up unimportant, too-broad-to-assimilate stuff).

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