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whansard 05-12-2003 12:34 AM

Where does redhat clear screen for login?
where does redhat clear the screen before putting
up the login prompt? I've dug around in the init
scripts, and i can't find it.

vladkrack 05-12-2003 10:09 AM

It's when mingetty is called, it does a refresh to start ...

whansard 05-12-2003 06:30 PM

Do you know if it's in a config file, or is it in the source
code? I've looked at gettydefs. I guess I'll download
the mingetty source.

i can't believe i missed this.
i spotted it in the mingetty.c source code before
i saw this. i was looking at the getty man page.
as you can see the first option is --noclear,
so i just had to add that to my inittab entries.
Thanks for the help.

MINGETTY(8) Linux Programmer's Manual MINGETTY(8)
mingetty - minimal getty for consoles
mingetty [--noclear] [--long-hostname] tty
mingetty is a minimal getty for use on virtual consoles.
Unlike agetty(8), mingetty is not suitable for serial
lines. I recommend using mgetty(8) for this purpose.
Do not clear the screen before prompting for the
login name (the screen is normally cleared).

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