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drjimstuckinwin 07-04-2001 12:05 PM

what is it?
Hello all
since recompiling my 2.4.2 kernel, I get an annoying message at boot time. Just as the machine enters non interactive start up, and begins starting services, I get...
Modprobe failed to locate module CHAR MAJOR 10-135
I have no idea what this is, and the system seems to work fine.
Can anyone tell me what it is, and how to get rid of the error?

rshaw 07-04-2001 01:10 PM

it's /dev/rtc (real time clock),

drjimstuckinwin 07-04-2001 01:14 PM

Do I need to mkdev rtc or something??

rshaw 07-04-2001 03:22 PM

yes, then you have to do a mknod with a major number 10 (character devices,misc) minor number 135 (real time clock)

i don't know the exact syntax of the mknod command, try mknod --help for all the options.

rshaw 07-04-2001 03:26 PM

i always take the easy(cowards?) way out and recompile with a 'y' instead of a 'm' for any troublemakers.

jharris 07-04-2001 03:50 PM

Just a few thoughts...

I'm not so sure that your problem is not having the entry in /dev - have you changed /etc/modules.conf at all? It sounds more like modprobe is trying to find a module called CHAR MAJOR 10-135 which ain't gonna exist, rather than attemptig to load a module that fails becuase it can't find CHAR MAJOR 10-135 if you see what I'm getting at.

AFAIK it shouldn't make any difference wether you put code in as a module or in the kernel proper, if the entry it expects in /dev/ ain't there then you'll have problems, although you won't get the error message through modprobe. Having said that as rshaw has mentioned putting stuff in the kernel does sometimes seem to get around the hassle associated with some modules...

Actually - just thought... if you had this code in the kernel before and it was giving you errors you might not have reliased if it wasn't something that was logged, however the same code being loaded by modprobe might produce an error that is then reported back by modprobe... uhm... that does sound a little unlikely though.

HTH however having read it back to myself it seems a little odd. :eek:


drjimstuckinwin 07-04-2001 04:02 PM

I too am a little confused by this! I don't recall anything about rtc in the xconfig setup screens, and I compiled just about everything I wanted directly into the kernel. I would have thought rtc should be an automatic part of the system.
Will tinker when I get back to my RH machine.

mcleodnine 07-04-2001 04:07 PM


Originally posted by rshaw
i always take the easy(cowards?) way out and recompile with a 'y' instead of a 'm' for any troublemakers.
It's my dirty little secret, too. Maybe there should be a support group. Fat kernels... <sigh>.

isajera 07-05-2001 04:12 PM

this is just a note, but if you upgraded from a 2.2.x kernel to the 2.4, then you need to get the updated modutils. the 2.2 kernel uses a different module... architecture or something. i'm not perfectly sure what it is, but the two kernels identify modules differently, and the old modutils (lsmod, insmod, ect...) will bring up error messages, but the system will still work in most cases. i had this same type of problem until i updated my modutils, but it worked perfectly after that, and no annoying messages.

drjimstuckinwin 07-05-2001 07:32 PM

I updated the modutils as per the changes doc, so hopefully that's not it. Not got back to this yet: Girlfriend moving into new flat, work etc! System works, so i guess there's no massive hurry.

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