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murshed 12-23-2002 08:53 AM

well... some questions looking for answers
hi all ,,

at last .. am writing from linux redhat 8.0 .. it is really nice..

lets go in the important part now:
1. i've installed realplayer8, and i didn't find it any where in the K menu .. i had to open the terminal .. type local real .. and check where is it .. go to that folder and execute the binary

well .. u know i don't want to do that everytime .. especially if i installed many applications..

how could i add a link for realplayer executable to the K menu?? how could i edit/add/delete entries on the KDE 3.0 menu? is it easy like windows?? going to a particular folder and pasting whatever i want there?

2. i used to have Redhat7.3 ... when i need to install fonts i go to K>>controlCenter>>System>>font installer

unfotunately, font installer is not available now on the system menu .. how can i put it there again ? where can i install it from? i use RH8.0 now

i used to browse arabic pages on redhat 7.3 using the konqueror ... but now when i use the konqueror, arabic pages are shown in circles! , i set the encoding to Arabic iso (8859-6) with no luck ,, and also Arabic ( cp 1256 ) with also no luck ... how could i fix this issue?

3. i've seen many screenshots for linux systems with a list of monitoring applications (if i can call them so!), like a monitoring for eth0 activity .. cpu activities .. whatever .. they are normally of the right side of the desktop with nice styles that are normally transparent

4. is there a way to use the WINDOWS key on the keyboard? in windows it used to pop up the start menu .. can i do the same with KDE?!

5. i searched alot for RPM Package Manager in RH8.0 but couldn't find it! on RH7.3 it was obvious and easy to reach .. did they change its place??? is there a possibily that i didn't install it during the installation? how can i install it from the CD? cause i looked alot in the menu and didn't find any thing ..

these are few of what am willing to have answers for:)
thanks alot in advance ...

then 12-23-2002 11:19 AM



could i add a link for realplayer executable to the K menu...
:( can't help with that, but can tell how to add to panel for KDE desktop.

Right Click on Panel -> Add ->Special button ->Non-KDE application -> browse to realplayer application and select it.

screenshots for linux systems with a list of monitoring applications...
I think you may be looking for this -

i searched alot for RPM Package Manager...
Start Menu ->System Settings ->Packages. It may be of some help to you.


XavierP 12-23-2002 11:33 AM

I prefer to create a desktop icon, right click desktop -> create new link to application. Just a personal preference.

In Mandrake 9, the windows key brings up the menu - the menu is wherever the mouse cursor happens to be.

As far as the monitoring apps go, your best bet is to work out which ones you need and do a Google search - there are a large number of linux programs out there. Note: the transparency effect could be down to the window manager being used.

Hope this helps.

bobo_daclown 12-23-2002 01:06 PM

Right click the Start Menu (though I don't like using that term.
Click Menu Editor.
You can add stuff as any user. You can't delete the stuff that's there, unless you're root. No need to, though, you can hide it.

Assumming you want to insert program RealPlayer into K-Menu ==> Sound & Video:

Right click K-Menu button, click Menu Editor.
Right Click Sound & Video, click New Item (near the bottom of context menu)
Type in Name: "RealPlayer" ???
In right frame: Command: "real" ????
Click the Icon and change it to what you want. Have fun.

If this helps, please click the affero button below ---vvvvvv---

murshed 12-25-2002 08:41 AM

thanks man for hte GKrellM .. i have to look further in this issue to choose the best one:)

about the package managers .. looks like the one with win2000 .. nice .. but this installs the known packages from redhat CDs.. i didn't figure how to install packages from other CDs or files i've downloaded .. i didn't find any BROWSE bottun or something similar .. gotit?


for the link to application thingy .. nice one .. but this could be added to the pabel .. or at the desktop not in the Menu .. i've tried it ... and i've tried adding a non KDE application on the panel .. and i did a shell script and linked the realplayer executable to it .. but once i click on it .. it runs the Real Player configurations .. i have to click on exit .. and ok .. then real player runs ... while if i executed the same executable file from the terminal .. it runs immediately with no configurations asked to be configured .. what is the problem?


i did what u asked me but didn't find Menu Editor ! looked aroung and around ... found an article talks exactly about it but i couldn't find the Menu Editor ! strange .. i feel that my installation wasn't the defualt one or something is wrong ...

am still waiting for the font installer thingy ... it should be there as i said but i couldn't find it!

then 12-25-2002 09:32 AM


Originally posted by murshed

i did what u asked me but didn't find Menu Editor ! looked aroung and around...

I think bob_daclown was referring to the Menu Editor you see when you right-click on the RedHat icon in the panel i.e. analogous to the windows start menu.


DavidPhillips 12-25-2002 09:53 AM

kmenuedit -caption "%c" %i %m %u

that's if you can't find it

it should be in there in a couple of places though]

right click on K is the easiest

murshed 12-25-2002 11:03 AM

thanks david:) i found it now :) you are really helpful

mak 12-26-2002 10:37 PM

Here is how I do it in redhat 8 using kde.
I am rather sure that the gnome desktop works in the same exact way, in reference to the tool task bar...

you drag a link of the executable from file manager window to desktop... it will ask you to copy, move or make a link, select => copy link here then close file manager and in KDE drag the dektop icon for the link to your taskbar... takes about thirty seconds in all. Oh and while its on your desktop; you MIGHT want to use the properties dialogue to change to a unique icon for it so you will remember it after you drop it on the menubar.

murshed 12-27-2002 06:13 AM

thanks mac

what about the questions regarding the font installing


murshed 01-14-2003 04:24 AM

in windows explorer i used to click on a link while pressing on the SHIFT key so the link will open in a new page .. how could i do that in Konqueror??

murshed 01-14-2003 04:33 AM

during boot up .. my D drive is mounted fine but my C is not ..
i have to mount -t C each time i boot .. the strange thing is that in fstab it seems that everything is fine:
[murshed@localhost murshed]$ cat /etc/fstab
LABEL=/ / ext3 defaults 1 1
none /dev/pts devpts gid=5,mode=620 0 0
none /proc proc defaults 0 0
none /dev/shm tmpfs defaults 0 0
/dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom iso9660 noauto,owner,kudzu,ro 0 0
/dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy auto noauto,owner,kudzu 0 0
/dev/hda1 /mnt/c vfat noauto,owner,user 0 0
/dev/hda5 /mnt/d vfat moauto,owner,user 0 0
[murshed@localhost murshed]$

bulliver 01-14-2003 04:47 AM


in windows explorer i used to click on a link while pressing on the SHIFT key so the link will open in a new page .. how could i do that in Konqueror??
right-click on the link and choose "New Window". Lots of context specific mouse things and check it out.

murshed 01-16-2003 08:42 AM

i know that way .. i meant by my question if there is a way to open a new window using SHIFT while clicking on the link ..

could i do that?

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