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Zelbinian 06-16-2013 06:36 PM

Welcoming sage advice for my new Linux tech-takeover
This is not my first time stepping into the Linux world, but I want to make sure it's my last. Part of the way I'm doing that is by making this a project so that I'm not looking at the OS as just a "thing that makes my computer run" but as a way to learn and grow.

I've got several goals, some of which are ambitious (or at least seem so to me at the time). Basically, I'm looking for any good threads/articles/comments that will help me avoid common traps as I move toward fulfilling these goals:
  • Have every computing device in my house - my Windows 7-based desktop and laptop; my WHS 2003-based server; my PS3; and my Android-based tablet and phone - run a Linux distro
  • Have every computing device in my house work harmoniously with one another (esp. when it comes to file sharing, multimedia, using a phone as a remote control, etc)
  • Be able to have at least some control over any of these devices from any other when on my own network (longer term: include remote Internet access)
  • Allow roommates/friends with Macs and PCs seamless access to my media server when attached to my local network
  • Have Windows installed as a Virtual Machine on my desktop and give it near-native access the CPU and graphics cards
  • Run a server for my personal website

That's my initial list, anyway; I'm sure it'll evolve over time (not to mention get more detailed). Again any advice along the lines of "Do this before you start..." or "Make sure you read up on..." or "Have you considered..." is warmly welcome. In particular, please point me to relevant threads that exist here!

Z038 06-16-2013 07:34 PM

Welcome to the forum, Zelbinian.

Those are some laudable and, in some cases, ambitious goals you've set for yourself. They are all achievable, more or less. The best place to start is with your first bullet, which is the easiest one to accomplish, and will add to your general level of confidence and competence. Your second bullet is probably the most difficult to achieve, depending largely on your definition of "harmonious", but working on several of the remaining bullets will help get you there.

The only thing you really need to decide before you start is which distro(s) you want to install. Given your broad list of objectives, you'll probably want more than one. A distro well suited to running media servers or MythTV might not be the best one for hosting your personal website, a DIY NAS system, or running the various mundane workhorse local servers you'll need to satisfy your harmonious working co-existence goal. Even so, I'd suggest minimizing the number of different distros you have to learn and support in order to maximize the ease and speed of installation and to be able to share customizations between systems.

To get started with obtaining help on this forum, just pick a topic or task you're interested in, and post a question about it. Open a new thread for each unique question or topic. Always specify the distro you're using and give as much detail as possible about any problem you encounter, and explain what you've done so far to attempt to resolve it. Keeping each thread narrowly focused on a single issue or question generally nets the most useful responses.

Welcome to the party, and good luck.

chrism01 06-17-2013 01:01 AM

Here's some useful links

Zelbinian 06-17-2013 01:44 AM

So far I can't even get an install to stay stable for more than 15 minutes. Oy. This will be a long road.

onebuck 06-17-2013 08:55 AM

Member Response

Originally Posted by Zelbinian (Post 4973222)
So far I can't even get an install to stay stable for more than 15 minutes. Oy. This will be a long road.

Start a new thread with relative data/error(s) so we can help you. Please consider looking at these FYI to help compose that new thread;

FYI: Netiquette is a set of social conventions that facilitate interaction over networks, ranging from Usenet and mailing lists to blogs and forums.

FYI: I suggest that you look at 'How to Ask Questions the Smart Way' so in the future your queries provide information that will aid us in diagnosis of the problem or query.

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