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peachy 01-28-2009 11:11 AM

Web Browsers & International Sites
Hello Everybody,

I have a weird question, mainly because I dont know the technical terms of the problem, so I'll describe it as much as I can hoping theres someone who can help me.

First of all, I really get annoyed at sites that display information (specifically Language) according to my geographical location, ie, google, it would redirect me to the local site instead of unless I pass the /ncr argument to the url. Distrowatch would also send me automatically to the language they think I would be interested in (which is not the case, and I'm very Pi***d off)

I never thought that there is something on my part to do to prevent this or set the browser to ask for a specific set of languages or locations (but since I don't know how to put these to search keywords or even what to call this problem I didn't get satisfying results), until I was trying OpenSuse 11 in a Virtual machine and as I was browsing I was surprised that the problem doesn't affect me with konquerer.

So is there a way to set Firefox (or IE on Windows) to act the same as konquerer on OpenSuse 11?

Thank you all for reading this long post and I hope it makes sense to you.


maginotjr 01-28-2009 02:18 PM

well, in firefox I think you can empty the parameter general.useragent.locale and the sites you are entering will not know where you are from (never tested).

to change open a browser tab or window and type in the address bar:

search for the general.useragent.locale string and delete it or set for something you want, don't forget to keep in mind the old value so you can set it back if you need.. after that close firefox, open again, clean all your cookies and see if the site still know where you from, if so maybe the site is watching ip bands to know where you're located...

[ ]'s

knudfl 01-28-2009 02:47 PM

And if you want the above to work temporarily,

try using another URL for Google :

" English "


peachy 01-28-2009 03:36 PM

many thanks for your help, I cleared the value of the parameter general.useragent.locale although it was set to en-us (weird enough) and the problem seems to be gone now (only if they would stop binding it to my IP address)

Thanks again


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