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Jasutinsama 02-05-2001 05:32 PM

I was thinking about taking some kind of Linux training course. Maybe get a LPI certification or something. Basically, I am having trouble locking myself into learning the internals of Linux and want to sit in a classroom and be taught. I am not too concerned about the certification in itself, I just want someone to sit down with me and teach me how to be a king at this(a mentor maybe :)). It would be nice to find a LUG around here but I cant seem to find too active of one(the websites of LUGs around here seem to be last updated a year ago). I dont have enough freinds interested in Linux around here to start a LUG(I live in Redmond,WA Microsloth territory, go figure)

What do you guys think is the best plan of action learning as much as possible about the finer points of Linux(a 12 step program from M$ if you will).

Well if you can give me some ideas on crash courses of Linux or if anyone would like to mentor me :) then let me know

Oh, and if you want to start a LUG in the Seattle,WA area - LET ME KNOW!!

Added 2/07/2001 - I did find a cool little training course on Linux Mandrake but it has alot of non-distribution-specific information at it is pretty fun and I feel like I have learned some pretty cool new stuff already. Does anyone know of anymore sites like this?

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jeremy 02-06-2001 07:10 PM

Hmm..I don't know of any good "courses" off hand. If anyone knows of one definitely let us know. I have heard good things about the Red Hat bootcamp, but it it pretty pricey. I was considering taking the LPI tests too, just haven't had the time. Anyone out there take them?

KevinJ 02-15-2001 03:10 PM

RHCE course
I just got back from taking the RH300 course at RedHat.
First, let me say that the RedHat facility and everyone I met there was great.

Second, I have to say that this course will not "teach" you RedHat Linux. Within 4 days... we covered an incredible amount of information. If I had not already been familiar with most of it.. I would have been lost. Do NOT take this course unless you already consider yourself a Linux expert.

There was an exam on the 5th day and I missed passing it by only 1 point. I am going to try and take it again soon. I would suggest getting either the Osborne or ExamCram RHCE books if you want an overview of the exam topics. Then... you need to setup a network and just do it. Do it over and over and over. There is NO speedy way to becoming a Linux expert. It will require months of intensive, hands-on experience.

cawaker 02-15-2001 03:30 PM

Learning RH
I am currently doin the Red Hat elearning programs they are greta you can cover the info when you want, and you have 6 months to complete it. I am an advanced linux users but i started at the beginning with the basics and i learned a few more effecient ways to do stuff. Basically its a buncha online classes that you do on your own time that get you ready for the RHCE test. I recommend it

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