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sulekha 08-10-2010 03:22 AM

Wanted window restore feature in nautilus
Hi all,

suppose an Ubuntu or Linux user is using GNOME and he/she has opened too many folders , suddenly he/she has to shutdown/ switch off machine due to power failure or some other unexpected reasons , now when he/she reboots the machine he/she can't remember the folders he/she had opened earlier so there should be a window restore feature for nautilus in Ubuntu or Linux in general

Ubuntu or Linux should implement the same window restore feature in nautilus similar to the one existing in Mozilla firefox

see the screen shot here:-

sulekha 08-12-2010 01:48 AM

I have found a solution :-

There is a setting in "gconf-editor" to tell gnome to save your windows on logout, and re-open them on the next login. Look under "/apps/gnome-session/options" for "auto_save_session"

only in one situation it is not working properly. I
opened many folders, then i killed nautilus using the application
"Force quit" , but when started nautilus from command line it is not
restoring all the windows which were open

but then this feature should be enabled by default in linux distros
BTW , every one please vote here:-

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