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marquisor 12-22-2012 11:36 PM

Wanted! Boot diskette SMBFS, DD, GZIP for backup purpose
as title,

fiddling around with tomsrtbt is ok. but i had to always use a second disk and linking stuff etc. i don't know of system requirements too.
what i want is a bootdisk for backing up my old PCs harddisks over network via SMB.
i used DD with a somehow hacked SMB client in tomsrtbt.
it doesn't have to be newest kernel or else. as it is not "online". for security reasons. i don't need security for it.

Systems to backup:
Any 486DX, 8MB RAM, IDE and SCSI harddisks (Adaptec controllers). and above of course, but that's the minimum. maybe 386DX, 4MB RAM later?
i used DD to a SMBFS mount (gzip possible, but too slow). and 2GB size limit... SMB partition is NTFS.

so the software i would need is

DHCP client
mkfs stuff (FAT, NTFS)


ISA/VLB/PCI SCSI controllers
ISA/VLB/onboard IDE controllers
3com, RTL8139 ISA/PCI network cards

nothing more, nothing less.


possible? ready images?
searched (and tried) for hours now...

and clonezilla is TOO FAT ...

marquisor 12-23-2012 09:51 AM

how were systems backuped in the early/mid/late 90s?

with 128MB+ RAM commandline tools and bootable CDROMs?
google only finds trash, at least with words i give'm

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