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coopergr 08-17-2001 10:15 AM

VNC/Remote Control Software

I have installed VNC Server on my Linux (RH7.1) box and VNC viewer on a Win2K Prof box to remote control the Linux box.

The default session only allows me to remotely control a command line session when I connect to the Red Hat box, not an X-Windows session.

I have tried using the Startx command to no avail. The only command that seems to work is when I type "gnome-session", but this brings up an X-Windows session which is completely unworkable.

Is there any other software or way of remotely using an X-Windows session from a Win2K box ??


jharris 08-17-2001 10:21 AM

If you can install an X server on Windows then yeah - you can run all your X applications and have them display on your Windows box. I run Exceed (an X server) on Windows then telnet into my server, the DISPLAY environment on the server is set to point to my Windows box so any X apps I fireup from the telnet session pop up on my Windows desktop.

I've only ever used VNC around the other way, from X on Linux to Windows or from Windows to Windows. I have a feelin' that you need to get VNCserver to start X for you, but its not something I've ever tried.



kjell1979 08-17-2001 11:09 AM

What about running the windows version of VNC under WINE? I'm not too familiar with WINE, but it sounds logical to me.

tyler_durden 08-17-2001 05:19 PM

its really easy, just download a program like xwin32, xwinpro, or exceed. You can seach the internet to find them or go to open the xwindows on your windows machine. then telnet into your other machine and type

export $DISPLAY=WINIP:0.0

then type startkde & it should work.

robertle 08-18-2001 12:54 AM

If you want to use kde start the vncviewer with "vncviewer -depth 16" (24 works great for me)
in your ~/.vnc/xstartup file you would put:
startkde &
You then use the display number it gives you to enter into the windows vncviewer.


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