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MRMadhav 04-07-2006 08:50 AM

Virtual Machine For Windows
Hi Everybody!
I wanted to know if the was a free virtual machine in which i can install fedora core 5. I have an amd athlon 2000+(1.67 ghz) and only 256 ram with Windows XP Pro and i tried many virtual machines on it but its really slow! Do any one know one that would work smooth enough with my configuration?:Pengy:

nickj6282 04-07-2006 09:50 AM

All virtualization software that I have tried (MS Virtual PC 2004, MS Virtual Server 2005, Qemu/KQemu, VMWare) take whatever chunk of memory you give it and make it unavailable to your host system. That means if you have 256MB and you allocate 128MB of that to FC5, that leaves only 128MB for your XP Pro install.

I'm curious what kind of memory your system uses. I'm sure you could find something at Newegg pretty cheap. I bought a stick of PC3200 512MB a week ago for $30, and I know they had stuff even cheaper than that. If you had at least 512MB, I think you'd be ok running virtualization software.


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