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johnlee 10-25-2002 02:03 PM

Video Streaming for 12 Lakhs people
There are 12 Lakhs hits per day on my company 's website. Now my company
wants to go 1 step more my company wants to give Tv live transmission on
internet so 12 lakhs clients watch live tv transmission on internet my boss
required feasibility report in this regard what software hardware servers
what bandwith we require for live video streaming on internet please
guide me

1) should i purchase 1 server for handling 12 lakhs video streaming
request or i purchase 10 Servers for this purpose and do load balancing
2) what will be the OS is best for this purpose Linux / Windows 2000 / Sun Solaris
3) What Specialized hosting providers are available for hosting of video streaming servers
4) What should be the server hardware? 4 processors intel 6 GB server is enough?
5) How much bandwidth we purchase for handling traffic for our servers

any help will be appriciated

Thanks in Advance

John Lee

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