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Old 10-17-2005, 12:40 AM   #1
Registered: Oct 2005
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/var full

Hi All,

In /var/spool/mqueue the foll. list is seen

Can I delete this list by rm

If I delete will it effect the mail delivery?

It is occupying 200MB of space on HDD & I want to clear some space. So can I remove this list?

Please suggest.

Thanks in Advance


Manoj Patil.

dfj5H73Ot12437 dfj7RJWDY26279 dfj9D1OhG18281 qfj74JNCP01091
dfj5H73mi12455 dfj7RJWJ526283 dfj9D3lH211216 qfj74JNFc01100 qfj8E8rAZ07902
dfj5H78Bv12637 dfj7SJOAN02702 dfj9D3lOb11222 qfj74JNFf01102 qfj8E8rtp08768
dfj5H7Bwt14887 dfj7SJOEk02703 dfj9D3xP214042 qfj74JNHZ01110 qfj8E8t7P10019
dfj5H7CNO15068 dfj7SJOJ202710 dfj9D48tX16860 qfj74JNIW01113 qfj8E8tgS10745
dfj5H7DP215809 dfj7SJONO02700 dfj9D4J8W17006 qfj74JNIi01116 qfj8E8u5L11041
dfj5H7NiE16220 dfj7SJOTL02701 dfj9D4K5a17072 qfj74JNSR01163 qfj8E8uME11145
dfj5H842U26511 dfj7SJOWt02716 dfj9D4aA921058 qfj74JNSv01158 qfj8E8xvK11831
dfj5H84DS26527 dfj7SJOcU02706 dfj9D4b5l22317 qfj74JNWA01179 qfj8E91ZC11923
dfj5H876w26633 dfj7SJOfn02709 dfj9D536B26721 qfj74JNig01272 qfj8E91mm11940
dfj5H87Cd26636 dfj7SJOgH02713 dfj9D54IU26918 qfj74JNoN01290 qfj8E9CrY15802
dfj5H87Ii26649 dfj7SJOxa02707 dfj9D54fR26986 qfj74JNoU01293 qfj8E9F0R16045
dfj5H8Mo830143 dfj7SJQeV02768 dfj9D55G427076 qfj75JK2709394 qfj8E9GuK16102
dfj5H8PPK30619 dfj7SJSKi02786 dfj9D55K827092 qfj75JK3f09400 qfj8E9Kjv16223
dfj5H8Q2a30883 dfj7SJSKl02783 dfj9D56UG27241 qfj75JKK709411 qfj8E9KtK16241
dfj5H8lLt04651 dfj7SJSKn02785 dfj9D56qU27281 qfj75JKKF09410 qfj8E9NMV16330
dfj5H97pY08360 dfj7SJSLO02806 dfj9D57VD27325 qfj75JKKp09413 qfj8E9Nlg16408
dfj5H9DEL10975 dfj7SJSXO02845 dfj9D58LB27420 qfj75JKM109417 qfj8E9ZvS18473
dfj5H9FFE11790 dfj7T6m2E29873 dfj9D58Tp27450 qfj75JKOW09423 qfj8E9gbF22081
dfj5H9JxK11905 dfj7T6nRO30265 dfj9D5N6M28623 qfj75JKSY09430 qfj8E9iP422154
dfj5H9KBY11943 dfj7T6nnL30298 dfj9D5N6U28622 qfj75JKU509433 qfj8E9pHD22421
dfj5H9SRL14597 dfj7T6v9x30697 dfj9D5N7h28627 qfj797BG703699 qfj8E9qnP22484
dfj5H9Su114715 dfj7TJQ4u31861 dfj9D5NDs28644 qfj797BHP03700 qfj8EAB0n29727
dfj5H9Yur15558 dfj7TJQ6M31862 dfj9D5NDu28645 qfj797BKp03733 qfj8EAFB629868
dfj5H9Z5J15606 dfj7TJQ9R31863 dfj9D5NK128665 qfj79JK3f28646 qfj8EAg2T05169
dfj5H9aDw15649 dfj7TJQCB31865 dfj9D5NMH28675 qfj79JK3w28644 qfj8EBcvJ18530
dfj5H9cJa15767 dfj7TJQCU31855 dfj9D5NMv28673 qfj79JKHp28665 qfj8EBg8020870
dfj5H9cS315782 dfj7TJQF431869 dfj9D5NQH28688 qfj79JKP828679 qfj8EBgUi20892
dfj5H9d4f15805 dfj7TJQG031870 dfj9D5NQb28691 qfj79JKPR28672 qfj8EBsvb23207
dfj5H9gEY18156 dfj7TJQHP31873 dfj9D5NXZ28712 qfj79JKPd28682 qfj8EBuRq24609
dfj5H9klb19180 dfj7TJQHi31872 dfj9D5Ngk28745 qfj79JKPx28681 qfj8EBveC24880
dfj5H9l9p19205 dfj7TJQIg31874 dfj9D5Nhh28752 qfj7AJL0o13450 qfj8EC4CI25189
dfj5H9m0n19240 dfj7TJQIn31875 dfj9D5Nhn28754 qfj7AJL2W13466 qfj8ECEBH28808
dfj5H9ooZ19367 dfj7TJQJ531871 dfj9D5Nhu28760 qfj7AJL3Z13467 qfj8ECGs228885
dfj5H9p9Q19383 dfj7TJQJ831877 dfj9DCRVs22860 qfj7AJLI713483 qfj8ECGsV28888
dfj5H9qAm19417 dfj7TJQLE31879 dfj9DCRXl22872 qfj7AJLIH13474 qfj8ECM9l29016
dfj5HA2Dt22976 dfj7TJQN531882 dfj9E2ZiR25677 qfj7AJLII13484 qfj8EDFhr11300
dfj5HA3BQ23015 dfj7TJQNJ31880 dfj9E2Zir25676 qfj7AJLIV13478 qfj8EDK5N11441
dfj5HA4GQ23062 dfj7TJQNT31881 qfj3J5CGr05255 qfj7AJLIs13482 qfj8EDR8014958
dfj5HALxK27020 dfj7TJQOP31884 qfj3PDTNu00584 qfj7AJLwR13541 qfj8EEI4b25917
dfj5HAUxp30482 dfj7TJQQB31886 qfj3Q54B723491 qfj7AJLwp13536 qfj8EFBLD07747
dfj5HAmGr01904 dfj7TJQQB31888 qfj3R61oi24295 qfj7AJLx013559 qfj8EFCQX07773
dfj5HAn0601942 dfj7TJQQs31887 qfj3R61pE24309 qfj7AJLxI13547 qfj8F3DvJ20471
dfj5HB25g05487 dfj7TJQXF31890 qfj3R62Ya24383 qfj7AJLxQ13562 qfj8F3JCN20577
dfj5HB3HC05556 dfj7TJREJ31902 qfj3R62gN24402 qfj7AJLxo13552 qfj8F3UJR24257
dfj5HB3RU05579 dfj7TJRFC31907 qfj3R634k24425 qfj7AJLxp13565 qfj8F3dxG26939
dfj5HB54A05685 dfj7TJRFZ31903 qfj3R636f24428 qfj7AJM0513570 qfj8F3hq627928
dfj5HBJDi09123 dfj7TJRFi31911 qfj3R99wM07466 qfj7AJM0h13573 qfj8F3j0r27952
dfj5HBKxg09224 dfj7TJRFm31905 qfj3RABZx12422 qfj7AJM1j13576 qfj8F3vCQ31618
dfj5HBS9G12424 dfj7TJRFu31912 qfj3RBP1Y17927 qfj7AJM2E13579 qfj8F4Ehl03104
dfj5HBSwu12579 dfj7TJRGC31937 qfj3S7Y8725920 qfj7BJMxF02939 qfj8F4SvJ06906
dfj5HBYPI12817 dfj7TJRGb31936 qfj3S90fl00934 qfj7BJNDN02949 qfj8F4XEF07105
dfj5HBhCD15652 dfj7TJRGi31919 qfj3S92dl00976 qfj7BJNEI02950 qfj8F4c9W07510
dfj5HBl8x16444 dfj7TJRJG31946 qfj3SAD8F06330 qfj7BJNEW02951 qfj8F4mL411259
dfj5HBn3R16498 dfj7TJRNN31954 qfj3SAKXI06619 qfj7BJNEe02952 qfj8F4vsi13648
dfj5HBoxa16580 dfj7TJl6l02878 qfj3SAfi308950 qfj7BJNEt02953 qfj8F4wUj13673
dfj5HBt6817204 dfj7UJSwT31051 qfj3SCuYR19701 qfj7BJNF002961 qfj8F52C213798
dfj5HC6A620117 dfj7UJTlg31066 qfj3SCuYV19702 qfj7BJNFL02963 qfj8F5NlL18814
dfj5HC8eo20511 dfj7UJTxZ31073 qfj3TCedM16606 qfj7BJNFb02955 qfj8F5Rvo21280
dfj5HC92f20539 dfj7UJUAe31103 qfj3TDAT402053 qfj7BJNGI02967 qfj8F5WSN21423
dfj5HCI1E24154 dfj7UJipF31899 qfj3TDATP02054 qfj7BJNHK02969 qfj8F5XWO21454
dfj5HCMFL24329 dfj7UJjaL31920 qfj3TDATa02052 qfj7CJMsn22935 qfj8F5irc23947
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dfj5HCV6p27966 dfj7UJji431934 qfj3TDAoE02080 qfj7CJNAc22964 qfj8F6Hvl32521
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dfj5HCwWx02787 dfj7V8K8b23736 qfj424Y3N15282 qfj7CJNmf22995 qfj8FJQAF14674
dfj5HD1AL02898 dfj7V8KEs23743 qfj424aZB15444 qfj7CJNr722996 qfj8FJQAp14676
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dfj5HDBG904557 dfj7V8KMO23754 qfj424ecU15651 qfj7CJO3V23017 qfj8FJQfB14671
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dfj5K2pKJ08253 dfj824Ptq05666 qfj4B9Bmu31047 qfj7EJMTD26573 qfj8FJmU618252
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dfj5K2rPk08509 dfj824SDR05803 qfj4H0T6n12504 qfj7EJOFO26641 qfj8IJPvA29717
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dfj5K38c111771 dfj824XtP06282 qfj4IArEC10108 qfj7HJSmu13802 qfj8JJoim28836
dfj5K38fH11785 dfj824ZE906325 qfj4IAtKU10189 qfj7HJSoi13805 qfj8JJolV28847
dfj5K396411814 dfj824ZEu06326 qfj4IAuJ810231 qfj7HJSsN13811 qfj8JJp3V28886
dfj5K39HX11895 dfj824ZO406341 qfj4IAxH910364 qfj7HJStV13814 qfj8KJNVe06922
dfj5K39Jf11906 dfj824ZOA06349 qfj4IB2dq10862 qfj7HJSwt13817 qfj8KJNw806929
dfj5K39Jg11904 dfj824ZOG06346 qfj4IB3H010893 qfj7HJSxq13820 qfj8KJOp006938
dfj5K39Km11919 dfj824ZOO06340 qfj4IB4kn10970 qfj7HJT2S13823 qfj8KJOvd06939
dfj5K39R511950 dfj824ZOc06339 qfj4IB8Jm11121 qfj7HJT7L13828 qfj8KJPBi06971
dfj5K39RH11947 dfj824ZOj06345 qfj4IB9c111188 qfj7HJT8c13831 qfj8KJPF006974
dfj5K39S911963 dfj824ZOx06342 qfj4IBASa11252 qfj7I9A2A11925 qfj8KJPG706975
dfj5K39SH11964 dfj824ZQk06353 qfj4IBBHO11291 qfj7I9Blm12000 qfj8KJPk106981
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dfj5L3wpE10326 dfj86JkYV31917 qfj5AKuBu26444 qfj7NJOcI19190 qfj8OJR7Q24003
dfj5L3wtN10336 dfj86JkYe31915 qfj5AL8DA26584 qfj7NJPQN19192 qfj8OJR7s23998
dfj5L3wwK10347 dfj86JkYt31918 qfj5AL8Gu26592 qfj7NJW7T19495 qfj8OJR8n23995
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This is the mail that your mail server is trying to send but fails due to incorrect setup. These must all be ascii files and you can see them after opening in any editor. See what kind of mails are they. As far as I know, they can be deleted. But the root problem is incorrect mail server setup. Are you running SMTP server? If yes, then I really think you should shut it down (assuming you are a home user, and use the ISP's mailserver for sending and receiving mails).

What distribution are you on?

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i guess that is hosting server migtbe use exim because the way its create undelivered mail if not mistaken there got way to settle , in exim.conf there one function to del the undelivered mail for certain time eg 4 days

however i need to know is there really run exim ?

/var easily to full is because standard formatting for /var partition
this /var partition should format with 1024 to get more inode in the system
if /var (inode) really full 100% if this is a remote server then there is not way to login via remote

lets discuss this matters

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I deleted all the files. Still the server is working. Hooray

Regarding SMTP
a) How will I be able to check whether it is using the ISP's SMTP or my own. We are a corporate & I handle around 50 users. But I am new to linux.
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If you are so new to Linux then probably you should do some careful study of the Sendmail server (or whichever you are using). Considering you are handling mails for 50 users, it is mandatory that you set up the server properly or else you may start loosing mail.

How are your users accessing the mails?

1. Their mail arrives at the machine you are talking about, and they use POP3 to access it using some email client like outlook express etc. In this case all their mail must bhi residing by default in /var/spool/mail directory.

2. They use your ISP's POP3 and smtp servers to get their mails. In this case the mail server setup is being managed by your ISP and you need not worry about it.

By the way did you try to open and see any of those mails before deleting? It would have given you an idea if they are some system generated mails or genuine user mails.

If your setup is same as 1 above, then you must be running an SMTP server (sendmail or something else) on your linux box, and it is not setup properly. Thats why some messages fail and get dumped in /var/spool/mqueue. Under normal circumstances, when Sendmail is unable to send the mail immediately, it stores it for later delivery in /var/spool/mqueue. You should read some HOWTOs from on setting up the server properly.

hope this helps.

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If they are valid user emails, make sure you don't have any users that keep a copy of each message on the server or using IMAP which stores the email on the server. Other than that, if they are returned emails waiting for the root user or the like, perhaps you need to write a script to clean them out every so often, or get more space.
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If your having trouble understanding and setting up a mail server but need it setup quickly, there is a dedicated mail server software called sme server ( . It's a fully funtioning mail server that installs from a bootable cd, just follow the on-screen instructions.

In an hour you will have your mail server up and running. it also has a web-based configuration page that is easy to use, and also has webmail for uses to access mail from the internet. If you download the custom cd you will have anti-spam and anti-virus support builtin.
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Hi All,
Thanks for all the help. But now the /var/spool/mqueue has the foll. details

dfj9HA4aa30356 dfj9HAS7I04447 dfj9HAfFj07958 qfj9HAKiZ01496 qfj9HAb5t06641
dfj9HA8PN00791 dfj9HAVue04605 dfj9HAfxE07990 qfj9HAKoM01555 qfj9HAb7N06680
dfj9HADR701007 dfj9HAXJ804805 dfj9HAg8208001 qfj9HAS6D04444 qfj9HAfCI07948
dfj9HAFU501092 dfj9HAZcj05009 qfj9HA4aa30356 qfj9HAS7I04447 qfj9HAfFj07958
dfj9HAJdC01214 dfj9HAaXd06227 qfj9HA8PN00791 qfj9HAVue04605 qfj9HAfxE07990
dfj9HAKiZ01496 dfj9HAb5t06641 qfj9HADR701007 qfj9HAXJ804805 qfj9HAg8208001
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If I open the mail in vi editor it is found to be a mail which a user has sent to his colleague. How can I push the mails out of the queue. Now already some 40-45 mails are there in queue. How can I reduce the queue.


Manoj PAtil.
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there is no way we can guess the source of the problem without your system details. The mails that are stuck can be local mails (sent from one login to another login on the same machine) or remote mail (sent from local users to the internet) or both. In both the cases your mail server has to be set up properly. You will have to go through the HOWTOs for your relevant mail server and set it up so that it forwards remote mails to correct servers and stores local mail on the machine in appropriate mailboxes under /var/spool/mail.



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