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Pico_01 02-10-2004 08:53 PM

using minicom

I am trying to dial in using minicom from my T40 laptop running Redhat Linux. The minicom detects the modem and dials the number successfully but after that it gives me error "no carrier". Does anybody know, what could be the reason behind it? Do I need to set up something else?


aaa 02-10-2004 09:16 PM

After you run minicom, you should run pppd to get the internet going. If you are disconnecting (no carrier), either the server (or you) is hanging up or you have a bad phone line.

rootboy 02-11-2004 01:40 AM

What do you need minicom for? It's for connecting to an old-fashoned BBS or talking directly to a serial device using a cable.

There's better software for connecting to the net.


Pico_01 02-11-2004 12:10 PM

I'll download and run pppd. John, can you suggest any other software to connect to internet?


aaa 02-11-2004 01:04 PM

pppd should be on your linux already, if not, install it from the Red Hat cd. Much easier than downloading. Other was to connect instead of minicom:
kppp - comes with kde
gnome-ppp - i think it comes with gnome
rp3 - for old (v7) red hat
Note that you'll still need pppd for these, they just run it automatically.

rootboy 02-12-2004 04:01 AM

Try Kinternet, kppp, and whatever Gnome uses :)

Like aaa says, the pppd (the ppp daemon) comes with Redhat and by running one of the previously mentioned programs, it should load up automagically which is a good thing

You will have to do some configuring, which amounts to telling kinternet (or the others) your:

Connection, e.g. Earthlink
Your user name, e.g.
The phone number
Password is optional, can be added during dialup phase

And that's about it (off of the top of my head)

Click once on the icon, or call it up from the menu, add password (if you didn't make that part of the config) and wait a moment. Helps to have the log file showing so that you can see what's up.

Fire up Mozilla, surf.


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