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macreal 10-28-2010 06:27 AM

Using dropbox with mutt

Have you used dropbox to sync your mail dirs? Was it a disaster? ... ?

I have been using dropbox to sync across three ubuntu machines (two with 9.04, one with 10.04) and a windows vista machine, for about six months. I've seen a couple of oddities but am basically very happy with it. I pay for their 50GB store.

For email I use mutt and download (fetchmail) separately onto two of the ubuntu machines, outside the dropbox folders. It's a bit irritating maintaining two different mail dirs, but it does make for more security.

I'm now thinking about putting the mail dirs into the dropbox folder. But if something then goes wrong with the syncing, it will be serious.

If you've got experience with this, can you pass it on?


Snark1994 11-01-2010 08:20 AM

I use dropbox on Ubuntu, and it all works fine as far as I can tell :)

Anything added either online or in my dropbox folder appears in the other within a couple of minutes. Though I guess the problem which arises when you edit both the online version and your local version exists, as with any syncing software...

What sort of problems were you thinking of when you said "if anything goes wrong with the syncing"? E-mails being lost when copying over? Accidentally deleting stuff on one machine and it being deleted on all machines? Most problems with things like that could be solved by backing up your dropboxed mail directories to another location on your drive on all the machines (using a cron job), so any mistakes can be fixed (though they'd still be rather annoying :P)

Hope this helps...

macreal 11-02-2010 03:28 AM

Thanks, that's good to hear.

What worries me is that with email I wouldn't always know if something got lost. Documents that I work on, I know should be there and I know them by name. But if an email I wasn't expecting got missynced, I probably wouldn't know about it. And of course the mutt names for the files aren't memorable. And a lot of small files might stress dropbox more than smaller number of large files.

I'll give it a go. As you say, keep a separate back up.

Thanks, M

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