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Sylhouette 01-09-2002 03:26 PM

User Group and samba shares

I have a question regarding a share with samba.

We have 20 users .
when i added those users they all get there own group like :

user1 group user1
user2 group user2
and so on

Now i want to add 9 users to one group say group1

So i guess i have to make a group called group1

and in the file /etc/groups add the names of the users who belong to that group there.

Is this the correct way?????????

Then i want to create with samba a share where all the people of group1 can put there files in BUT only the owner of the file can change or delete the file ....(These users all use windows)

Is that possible ??

I guess it must because linux can do everything ;-)

It looks like the network is faster then as we use Win NT
Love samba only this little problem

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