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JC_at_LQ 07-06-2003 09:59 AM

I have got a question regarding access to an usb-stick. I can mount it properly (vfat-fs) and work with it. But what bothers me is that data is not really written to the stick until I unmount/sync it by hand. I suspect that one result of this is that konqueror sometimes fails to delete several files in a row and has problems with copying several files onto the stick, whereas mc works great even with caching.
Does anyone know of a trick for disabling caching for my usb-stick?
Thanks in advance, Joost

JC_at_LQ 07-09-2003 02:35 PM

I stumbled upon, so if anyone needs it:
mount the stick with -o sync (or give sync as an option in /etc/fstab).
Bye, Joost

tkb 07-14-2003 07:56 AM

Hi, i m new to linux.
I wanted to know that how to use handy drive (intelligent stick )in linux.

Can you help me? What is the command to mount the handy drive?

Thanks a lot!

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