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savvasgr84 02-29-2004 10:53 AM

USB keyboard problem with Slackware
Hello there!

I am new in the Linux environment and i must that so far i tend to hate it! Anyway enough with my Linux feelings, i have a USB packard bell keyboard (model 9201) and i am trying to get it work in Slackware 9.1 but i cannot!
The problems started early, since i tried to instal the OS in my pc....when i had to use a PS/2 keyboard (that i borrowed from my flatmate and i have to give it back some day :P). Well i do not know if the description of my problem is enough but please, please give me a chance to love Linux (:D)

Thanks for the time...any help will be really appreciated.

hbarcellos 03-01-2004 11:18 AM

USB Keyboard does not work after installing kernel 2.6.2 @ Mandrake 10 RC1
Hi All. I have installed Mandrake 10 RC1 and i thought that it would have kernel 2.6 installed, but i found 2.4.22 on it.
Well, I have d/l the 2.6.2 source, configured with make xconfig, builded with make bzImage, builded and installed modules with (make modules and make modules_install), copied the image to /boot and finally modified lilo.conf.
System boots ok, but my USB Dell keyboard is not functional anymore.
USB Keyboard support is enabled at BIOS.
Any1 knows what i can do to fix it ?

Best regards,
Heitor Barcellos.

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