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linuxboy123 12-11-2003 04:28 PM

Upgrading hard drives on Software raid 1 boot drives.
Has anybody ever tried this?

I am using software raid (Debian , woody version with raidtools2) to mirror two 10GB ide drives.
I wanted to upgrade my drives to 15GB drives by systematic replacing a 10GB with a 15GB drive partitioning it the same except for the my data partition which I put all the extra space. That partition is a LVM parition.

I rebuilt the mirror and replaced the second 10GB with the 15GB and rebuilt again. All of this has worked fine.

I understand that in raid 1 the size of the md devices is the size of the smallest partition in the device. On that premise I expected that after I did the final reboot after syncing the two 15GB that I would see the space added to that one data partition. Especially because that partition was using LVM I expected it to be transparent to the filesystems etc..

Any thoughts.
Thanks for any thoughts...

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