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Tommi 04-24-2003 12:55 PM

Upgrading glibc.
I installed a glibc update for rh 8.0

While installing it gave a warning that some library file was renamed with another name. That sounds scary because if some program call this file with an old name it cannot find and therefore I right?

I used $ rpm -Uvh glibc*

for it better to use -ivh instead of -Uvh?


mhearn 04-24-2003 06:22 PM

A glibc update for redhat? All updates should be pulled in via up2date, you shouldn't install third party rpms you find on the net normally

Tommi 04-25-2003 04:20 PM


You didnt really answer to my question...:-)

Anyway now I know that I should use -Uvh isntead -ivh, because the latter wont install it at all.

I do not have net at home. And I do not use any "Walt Disney" rpm's but real *genuine* redhat rpm's. I downloaded them from theirs work.

Yes...the best way to protect your computer from hackers is to switch off your connection. I do not use net at home at all.

Besides I would't use some sort of "net connection" to update my comp. Such a system is far too unreliable to me. It puts wrong files to your comp because that system do not have brains at all.

Best to do it manually. At least we humans can learn about our mistakes. :-)

Sure you must update the glibc...why not? Its as full of bugs as all systems are.


mhearn 04-27-2003 07:20 AM

Uh, what? You can easily run a network connection without being caused trouble by hackers, just setup a firewall. I don't even bother with that actually, it's not a problem.

glibc is a special package, the software on your system is tied to it. Upgrading it except in special circumstances can cause problems. However if they are RPMs designed for the right version of your distro you should be ok

Tommi 04-27-2003 08:23 AM sems to work, this glibc update. All firewalls are brakeable. Well...not by everybody but for the special hackers this is possible. I read a book made by a fameous hacker who made a bankrobbery and he made me convinced that the net really is *unsafe* place. :-) :-) . But in real life this attitude is a littel paranoid...I admit this. I will get internet at summer...then I will be happy. :-)

Thanks for warning...maybe I should be more carefull what I put inside my comp. :-)


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