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pilot1 12-12-2002 07:32 AM

Updating kernel?
I downloaded the 2.5.9 kernel patch, and put it in /usr/src.
When I run
bzip2 -dc /usr/src/patchfilenamehere.bz2 | patch -p1 --dryrun
It asks for a file to patch, what do I do? I'm running 2.4.18-14 w/ RH 8. The directorys in /usr/src are linux2.4, linux2.4.18-14 and redhat.
Should I download a different patch, and if so where from?
I need at least 2.4.20, what should I do next?

DavidPhillips 12-12-2002 07:36 AM

just download the full kernel, not the patch


never mess with 2.5?? or any other odd number unless you are a kernel developer

pilot1 12-12-2002 07:49 AM

Ok, where can I download the latest 2.4 full kernel, and how do I install it?

DavidPhillips 12-12-2002 07:56 AM

the best thing for you to do on redhat 8 is run up2date

it will register your machine with redhat network, check for updates and let you install them

It's all pretty much automatic

pilot1 12-12-2002 07:59 AM

That won't work... I have to update the kernel so I can get the internet working. I'm using a Linksys Wireless USB v2.6 and it needs a kernel thats 2.4.19 or newer. :(

DavidPhillips 12-12-2002 08:02 AM

well go over to and get the latest stable

pilot1 12-12-2002 08:06 AM

I got 2.4.9 and 2.4.20. A file on says 2.4.20 is the latest, but isn't 2.4.9 the latest?
What do I do next?

DavidPhillips 12-12-2002 08:14 AM

2.4.20 is the latest

they increase the number each time so the biggest number is always the latest

pilot1 12-12-2002 08:17 AM

I see, I assumed 2.4.20 was the same as 2.4.2.
Where can I get instructions on how to install/compile the new kernel?

DavidPhillips 12-12-2002 08:35 AM

start by making a working boot disk if you don't have one, make sure it works

what to do depends on the type of file you got

if it's a tarball you need to

man tar

tar zxvf filename

read the kernel howto

cd linux-2.4.20

make mrproper
make menuconfig

now configure the kernel like you want it

build the kernel

make dep
make clean

check for errors on the screen

make bzImage
cat arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.20

make modules

check for error here too

make modules_install

cp /boot/
ln -sf /boot/ /boot/

You using lilo??

man lilo
man lilo.conf

echo "image = /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.20" >> /etc/lilo.conf

do you know where your / filesystem is? /dev/hda1?
echo " root = /dev/hda1" >> /etc/lilo.conf

echo " label = linux-2.4.20" >> /etc/lilo.conf
echo " read-only" >> /etc/lilo.conf

using initrd??

man mkinitrd

mkinitrd /boot/initrd-2.4.20.img 2.4.20
echo " initrd = /boot/initrd-2.4.20.img" >> /etc/lilo.conf


Make sure you read enough to know what all this does before blindly doing it

pilot1 12-12-2002 08:48 AM

My Linux filesystem is /dev/hdb1, I got a bz. I understand most of it, just not the Lilo stuff because i'm using Grub.
Do you know how I would configure Grub?

DavidPhillips 12-12-2002 08:56 AM

it's basically the same just look in /etc/grub.conf

you need to add the new image into the file using all the options that the old one has

just editing the file will install the new kernel

the bz file may need to be done like this

bzip2 -d filename


tar xvf filename

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