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morgan 05-24-2003 02:22 PM

Updated RH9 Kernel can't find modules
I just installed the newest kernel available for RedHat 9 (athlon). It is working, but it doesn't seem to find the modules. depmod, for example, is looking in the wrong directory. Take a look at this:

50.0# /sbin/depmod
depmod: Can't open /lib/modules/2.4.20-8/modules.dep for writing
51.255# rpm -q kernel
52.0# ls -d /lib/modules/2.4*
53.0# ls /boot/
boot.0300 kernel.h os2_d.b boot.b map
chain.b message
config-2.4.20-13.9 message.ja vmlinux-2.4.20-13.9
grub module-info vmlinuz
initrd-2.4.20-13.9.img module-info-2.4.20-13.9 vmlinuz-2.4.20-13.9

Weird. Does someone know what could be the problem?

Kobra_Stryke 05-25-2003 02:50 PM

did you set the usr/src/~linux link to point to the folder that contain the new updated kernel sources.

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