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pyropenguin 12-17-2002 12:13 AM

update button
i use red hat 8, and that little update notifier by the clock in the lower right corner that has a check mark if your good, red exclamination mark if you need to update etc, well i somehome removed that button and i was wondering how i can get it back, thanks!

cipher_arg 12-17-2002 12:45 AM

if i dont remember wrong, that botton is actually a link to the homepage.
you can directly go to, and once there go to the "Redhat Network" link
Hope im not wrong :D

gigsvoo 12-17-2002 03:10 AM

I think the correct way to do it is:

$ rhn-applet-gui &

then when the time you logout or shutdown or reboot, check the save session box (under GNOME).

Next time when u bootup, the icon will be there.

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