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schatoor 01-09-2003 05:38 PM

undeleting a file from a fat file system
I would first off all like to say that is thread has nothing to do with linux what so ever. I know this is LINUX questions, but you guy's are the only ones I can turn to at the moment.
My brother has excidently deleted a file from our windows system. It's a fat32 file system. How can I undo that deletion? I looked on google, but there is nothing I can use for free. Is there some freeware I can use for this job? Or maby I can do something from linux.
Any suggestions.

Bert 01-09-2003 05:46 PM

The midnight commander has an undelete function I believe - don't know how reliable it is.

Jadrano 01-09-2003 07:04 PM

I think there are quite a lot of DOS and windows utilities for undeleting files (when I needed one about a year ago, I found some, which I couldn't locate any more). One, which is shareware, but which you can probably use for free (I haven't tried it, but the description looks well...).

Another one, which is actually licenced with the GPL, can be found at

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