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JRogers 04-11-2009 01:44 PM

Unable to enter Linux from boot menu - keyboard unresponsive
I am running Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP dual-boot (would go completely Linux, but my Blackberry won't back up to it).

XP is first on the boot menu. When the boot menu comes up, it will not accept input from the keyboard, so the first item on the menu ends up booting. I've checked the batteries in my wireless keyboard, tried using a ps2 keyboard, even checked the bios to be sure it is loading the keyboard drivers before the boot menu. I can use the keyboard to move about in the bios, but once the boot menu comes up ... nothing.

I used to be able to move with the arrow keys to whichever system I wanted to boot to. Any ideas what can be causing this and how to reset it?



Drakeo 04-12-2009 10:33 PM

do your self a favor if you have a ps2 keyboard then switch the plug to the other round one. or if you are in bios set to non windows. or none O/S if you are using usb mouse enable legacy usb Linux only reads bios it does not run them like windows.
main reason for key board to stop working bad connection clean it up. Or the cable is going bad.

JRogers 07-30-2009 09:57 PM

My computer will not boot if the ps2 is not in the correct one (did that by accident one time). Grub used to work, but now it doesn't ... just ignores all input, then loads into the top option (which on mine is Windows XP). The strange thing is that my usual keyboard used to work, then quit. Thought I had it figured out at one point ... it worked again for a few attempts, then went back to not working again. I'm beginning to think the only solution is to wipe Linux and reinstall.

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