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ftcnt 05-06-2004 01:55 AM

tutorials for linux
im just wondering if there are some good websites and links where i can learn the basics of linux. im new to computers and like to get a headups. some sites perhaps that show step by step guides or some books that do that


profjohn 05-06-2004 02:09 AM

Mandrake has some useful on-line tutorials, and you can google for "rute users guide." There are tons of books out there, but many of them seem to be crap. Red-neck O'Rielly publishes some useful guides. Linux from scratch is another good way to learn. Look here for some good free resources:

Another option you might want to investigate is a class at your local community college...

I hope others have more suggestions for you, too.

vectordrake 05-06-2004 07:15 AM

Those reading sources can be downloaded to your computer if you add "plf" sources to your source list. Google for easy urpmi and you'll get the page where you can make a source list with copy/paste. There are a few other good books you can have right on your computer as well, but Rute is very good (arguably one of the best ever written). Try All the howtos and man pages in one spot there.

And, don't forget to check right here for recommendations.

Your question is popular here. By putting "linux basics" as a search term in the LQ search engine (the button above these forums), I got this page with 274 threads. Happy reading and googling

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