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marko_q 12-11-2005 12:50 PM

Truly understanding linux - links/articles/etc ?

I'd like to understand linux better. I'm currently using it already for quite a while but I somehow have the feeling that I simply don't yet really understand it.
So what I'm looking for is some kind of an article that covers the linux-internals in depth such as
  • the kernel
  • hardware interaction (device system)
  • filesystems & rights management
  • networking
  • logging
  • memory management
  • system configuration
  • ...
just to mention a few examples.

I know about the linux documentation project, man pages and how to rtfm but I'm wondering if there is a text/article/book/link/whatever out there that tries to cover this extensive subject as a whole, or if you'll have to pick it together from different resources?

thanks a lot!


slackhack 12-11-2005 12:55 PM

rute is always a good place to start:

i also really like the "The Linux System Administrator's Guide":

or any of the o'reilly books are really excellent.

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