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69Rixter 04-11-2014 01:46 PM

Transmission bittorrent use
Afternoon All:

If I'm in the wrong forum, please let me know; also if you would/could direct me to the proper forum, it would be appreciated.
Here goes:#1. Is there a way to use multiple "trackers" w/ transmission bittorent? #2. Why does "magnet" link almost never work? #3. Other than "Ask tracker for more peers"; is there any way to increase the amount of peers/seeds to a particular bittorrent?

timl 04-11-2014 05:29 PM

Hi, just in case you fell into a trap I encountered with transmission (apologies if you crossed this bridge already)...if you look at edit->preferences->network there is a check box for "pick a random port every time Transmission is started". I didn't realise this and I found the port I had open was not the port being used by transmission. It's amazing how much more traffic you get with the port open :)

jamison20000e 04-11-2014 06:18 PM

Hi. I use to use Transmission because it was there but I much prefer to download and use Vuze: best wishes and have fun. :)

69Rixter 04-11-2014 08:11 PM

to tim! to jamison20000e

I hope this isn't duplicate post.(?) Thanx for replying so quickly. I read up on TBT and was under the impression it was a "good" client ? OK, that's what I get for "reading up"!. So, I changed to "any port" as suggested and don't see any change. When I tested my 'port" it was reported "closed"? Is this supposed to be? So, yes, I will check out VUZE at suggested link. Thank you(jamison) for posting it. How can I get/use muliple trackers? To do that, must I get UTorrent? I rarely get more than 2-3 peers at-a-time and would like to have more. I'm a 'bitorrent" newbie, so I'll gladly take all the help I can get.

69Rixter 04-11-2014 08:24 PM

addendum to previous post:

When in "network" in "preferences" menu LISTENING PORT:

Port for Incoming Connections: 51413
port is closed
Pick a random port every time (checked}
Use UpnP or NAT-PMP port (checked)
Enable uTP for peer comm. (checked)

Are these setting correct?

Randicus Draco Albus 04-11-2014 10:14 PM

Magnet links do not work, because the torrents are Windows .exe files. Most sites that use magnet links provide it as an option. In those cases choose anything other than magnet link. If a site only has magnet links, vote with your feet so-to-speak and use other sites.

If you check the settings, Transmission will let you adjust many things, such as limits to peers seeding and leaching, down and upload speed, etc. Altering those settings may increase the speed of downloading a little.

timl 04-11-2014 11:38 PM

Hi 69Rixter, I should have been more clear in my previous post. I think you should uncheck "any port" and use the same port every time. EG. 51413.

You then need to get into your iptables and open TCP/UDP access to this port. Let us know if you need more info about opening the port.

John VV 04-11-2014 11:41 PM


Magnet links do not work, because the torrents are Windows .exe files

it has been years since i used transmission
i am not sure it supports magnet links ( you also have to set firefox to use the torrent client for magnet links )
Magnet links work just fine for me .

if you use any QT gui tools you might like Ktorrent better

But that is just my opinion

as to ports
open them for the torrent client
also some ISP's block 6881
you might want to use ports in the 50,000 to 65,536 range ( 65,536 is the last port )

jamison20000e 04-12-2014 05:29 AM

I always just copy the magnet link from FFs address bar* to my torrent app.

69Rixter 04-12-2014 09:43 AM

To: JohnVV; tim; jamison and Draco:

THANK YOU all for weighing in. So, untiked 'any port". I'm a little vauge on "TCP/UDP" access? Let me ask; Are there any benefits to using a magnet link? And, I've seen and knew about an .exe file, just didn't know that all "magnets" were that format (duh!) [tnx RDA] John, care to elaborate on that statement? One of the questions I had has not been addressed; Is there a way to use multiple trackers for the same torrent'file" w/ TBT? Using "ASK TRACKER FOR MORE PEERS" does not seem to help. ANYONE... is TBT the best/better bitorrent client? Could anyone suggest their opinion of a "BEST" torrent client? Why? (offer reasons, please!)
Gentlemen; I appreciate your time and efforts. You've all been very helpful!!


John VV 04-12-2014 11:23 AM

Magnet links ARE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! Microsoft .exe files

the never were and never will be !!!!!!!

torrents that are MS exe files are almost always viruses ( or trojaned windows software )

they are just a different type of torrent link

as to the "best"
that is 100% subjective
it is what you like
it is the one that dose what you need

for me it is ktorrent

some like Vuze
some like rtorrent
some like transmission

as to ports read the documentation on the client you are using

jamison20000e 04-12-2014 12:30 PM

Vuze is the best L:DL I think some torrents only use magnetic links?

Randicus Draco Albus 04-12-2014 10:10 PM


Originally Posted by John VV (Post 5151290)
torrents that are MS exe files are almost always viruses ( or trojaned windows software )

My experience is thus:
Every magnet torrent I have seen has been an .exe file.
And I am not the only one. Recently I was involved in a discussion on another board were several other people have had the same experience.

So if magnet torrents are not for Windows, then there are not many real ones out there. I for one, am not going to search the entire internet looking for a small number of real torrents. It is much easier to avoid magnet links. Which is why I shall continue advising people to make their lives easier by avoiding them.

John VV 04-12-2014 11:25 PM

prime example that magnet links ARE NOT ms exe files
the Blender Foundation Movie " Sintel "
on TPB( it is GPL )
and the magnet link-- this is NOT a windows exe !!!!!


where do you see the Microsoft EXE on that link above
that above link in on a binary ms program

69Rixter 04-13-2014 07:36 AM

Morning Fellas:

Well, seems as I've opened a "can of worms"? In reference to magnet links, I only posed the question of their usefulness because I rarely have gotten any to open. Whether they are exclusive to MSWin is irrelevant (for me). Again I'll ask, what, if any, advantage do magnet links possess? Personally, I'll just avoid them. Now, when configuring the "torrents", went to preferences, then to "network" where listed is "Listening Port"; in it the setting is (by default???) 51413; just below that is "TEST PORT"... which always indicates it is CLOSED??? Is this the way it should be? If not, what must I do to set it to correct? Should I be using a different number for "Port Used for Incoming Connections" ? As I stated before, I'm relatively new to the use of bittorrents. And, in my searches, I'm looking for a lot of "older"(more than 20 yrs.) material and finding it quite frustrating to obtain quality torrents. Any suggestions? Gentlemen, THANK YOU for your input. Each posting is a learning experience for me. It is much appreciated!!!!
Take Care:

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