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Stephanie 08-07-2001 09:39 AM

Touch Screens
I was wonderig if anyone knows where I could get a 6.4 to 10 in touch screen LCD that works under Linux. Searching the web is becomeing all but fruitless.

trickykid 08-09-2001 09:12 AM

Waht are you going to be using it for or where, like for home use? I pulled up a search on google with some leads to manufacturers that sell, I didn't really see any that were the size but some had links to how or with drivers in getting the touch screen working under linux. Try doing a search under google with keywords lcd touch screen linux.

Stephanie 08-09-2001 11:26 AM

Actually it is for a project i am working on. But I while I could use something other than touch screen, it would be far easier.

The only exception would be if voice operation worked with Linux. I know IBM ViaVoice works for dictation, but what about commands?

mcleodnine 08-10-2001 01:27 AM

I was looking for the same thing thursday and wound up at a 3M site. The smallest I saw was 13" LCD and 15" CRT. They bought another manufacturer (name???) but they claimed you could use an 'open source' driver which was based on the mouse drivers. The only thing you couldn't do is calibratre the screen. I found some good stuff on usins pretty mush the same search as describes above.

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