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File 07-10-2003 02:10 PM

Total Format
In windows, i know its a simple command of format c:\

But how do i do a total format on linux, so i can then procede to install my windows again and start fresh?

Not interested in dual booting for the time being, I'm switched too quickly to linux and now i wish to return to windows.

So yea... how would i go about doing that

david_ross 07-10-2003 02:15 PM

Take a look at mkfs:
man mkfs

File 07-10-2003 02:25 PM

Yea i dont want to make a file system, i want to format my harddrive.

Just want linux off

david_ross 07-10-2003 02:26 PM

That is what format does.

If you want to remove the partitions then look at fdisk:
man fdisk

File 07-10-2003 02:35 PM

Yea im a linux noob, i look at the manual files for fdisk and mkfs and I dont see how these help me get any closer to an empty HD, maybe if you could dumb it down a bit? Or a few blatant commands that could wipe my HD clean( delete all and any data)

Poetics 07-10-2003 07:18 PM

Try formatting your *nix partitions as "Fat32" and then your windows OS will be able to see and use them. If you want to change the partitions, ie turn all of your linux partitions into one big partition before formatting, do as david_ross suggested and look up how to use fdisk

whansard 07-10-2003 08:25 PM

fdisk /dev/hda

if there's only one partition.

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