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my-unix-dream 07-07-2004 02:14 AM

TO be wasted or NOT to be wasted. ?
In My office,there are dozens of old pc laid down on the ground.
most of them are socket 7 pentium 166 cpu's computer.

these days,compter with that speed is considered junk materal.but i am
feeling about savy to them.Should i justthrow them away,but these systems are in good condition,or do some trick so they will back in life.

and what is the point to do so......I heard that old pc can turn into linux box
for firewall/router.but we have the router/hub/firewall installed already....

are there any other things i miss ?

is this project worth trying....?:Pengy: :Pengy:

wijnands 07-07-2004 02:35 AM

A P166/128mb would make a fine server. Installing one might not get you a production server for the office but it will teach you quite a bit about linux.

You could also ask around, see if there's a charity tha tmay want to have them.

MasterC 07-07-2004 04:02 AM

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SciYro 07-07-2004 04:41 AM

for most home users they are junk, but they can still run programs (granted anything more then 1 program at a time and it'll get slow, and nothing to big, but they are great to learn with, and if you need to setup some stupid terminals for some reason you can just gut and use those

or maybe hook them up into a cluster computer for some strange needs?

but diffidently don't throw em away, someone might want em, or can use em.. you might even be able to sell them (not for much tho)

amosf 07-07-2004 06:12 AM

I have 2 socket 7 PC's. One runs a printer and mp3 server and the other is a smoothwall router... And personally I think they make a better router then most you buy. Easy to config and upgrade and mod. Also very cheap (free) for many people.

Also, a 166MMX with a voodoo runs UT quite well, so you can have a lan party for the kids at the next birthday party...

I have a couple here doing nothing as well since p2's are also getting easy to come by :)

gkoutsog 07-07-2004 07:50 AM

How about setting them for a linux cluster... If you can spare the time, it could be an interesting project. is the way to go...

Good Luck!

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