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jon_k 07-31-2003 08:28 PM

to all long-term *nix users
a bit off topic, but i'm sure one of you will know

why do some UNIX people quote things like this

``quoted text"

why do they use the backtick and then the quote character, never understood this exactly

jailbait 07-31-2003 09:43 PM

The reason is probably buried deep in the arcane syntax of script commands. When you write bash scripts parts of the commands are interpreted by bash and parts are parameters to the command and parts are data to the command. The nesting order of back ticks, double quotes, and single quotes determines which level of software does what with the gibberish you type in.

I suppose using that syntax in normal communications is a secret sign that you actually have the script syntax rules memorized.

chrismiceli 07-31-2003 10:00 PM

I read that they do that because they don't want to tell bash that it is the end of the quote, and before you could escape it with \" they just though `` looked close enough.

Strike 07-31-2003 11:17 PM

Actually, why I do it (when I do it, which isn't often) has nothing to do with bash scripting, it has to do with LaTeX. That's the way you make the real quotes that you see surrounding quotes in most typeset literature. " renders just like you see it here, as two small vertical ticks, whereas `` '' renders like two rotated apostrophes and two normal apostrophes.

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