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linus72 08-30-2009 06:19 AM

ThorsHammer to be released 08/31, let the world tremble!
My finest work to date!

Not only did I combine these distros' like I usually do
but I also Remastered them first!

unsquashfs baby!


has all this in a 662mb iso or zip

GRML-Magix (a remaster of grml sid daily build 0827)
added opera, flash10, abiword, audacious, gparted, k3b, isomaster
xarchiver, p7zip-full/rar, fluxconf, gftp ,gnome-device-manager,
plus more too
Also, hooked up the fluxbox menu,etc

DarkMagic (a PartedMagic-4.5 remaster)
added flash10, and custmized the desktop

RescuePup-Beta (a remaster of browserlinux0809)
added testdisk, photorec, dd rescue, and more

ZorOS-3.6 (a slackware utility and great toolkit)

added many others including grub4dos, grub, supergrubdisk
plop bootmanager,
like NetbootCD, mini-PartedMagic and more

Uploading of final will be going on today
and released tomorrow at!

screenshots here:

please please post if there are any issues!
I will also be uploading a help page too

ThorsHammer lives on cd/usb or hd too
full instructions for non-destructive install to usb or hd:)
that is fat32 syslinux usb
or grub ext2/3 usb

also includes script to create iso image so you can remaster it yourself!

This was over a month's of work, so please any questions or comments gang?

GlennsPref 08-30-2009 06:44 AM

I'll be back to get a copy soon.

Thank you for your efforts.

Cheers, Glenn

linus72 08-30-2009 08:59 PM

Damn it Jim!

I may have to delay the release a day...

I gotta write some readme stuff and fix some config files

anyway, I think I'm gonna add alien bob's slack-13 mini.iso to the kit too
it's got cfdisk and can rescue a installed slack system right?
that should put it at 700mb

anybody gonna critique it for me?
Where's Trooper
he should be game...

linus72 08-31-2009 06:23 AM

I think I got everything hooked up right:)

It should be ready for download at 6PM eastern tonight!

I added some stuff so this is what all in there

grml-medium-daily-sid remastered

pmagic-4.4 remastered

browserlinux-0908 remastered

zoros-3.6 slack utility

slackware-13 mini via alien bob

plop bootmanager

netbootcd-3.1.2 netinstall any major distro by version

mini-partedmagic yep

lots of rescue tools like supergrubdisk, grub4dos, etc

a full 696MB now

I am releasing an ISO image and a ZIP pkg
both are exactly the same
the ZIP is for users who can't/don't know how to extract iso

just unzip to usb and install grub or syslinux(included)
you can install grub or syslinux in linux/windows
by cd'ing into syslinux or grub4dos folder and install from there

I think you will like:)

EricTRA 08-31-2009 06:26 AM

Hi Linus72,

Looking forward to downloading and trying it. The screenshots look great by the way.

Kind regards,


linus72 08-31-2009 06:34 AM

theres actually a messed up version here
I just forgot to edit the isolinux.cfg to say DarkMagic or it says 4.5 instaed of 4.4

you can extract it and check it out dude
I burned it to cd-r and it works good
but if you want put it on fat32 usb
Remember theres a script ( in the /boot folder
to recreate the iso:)

REMOVED LINK (bad pipe)

and it don't have slack in it and zoros is messed up
get it just to see grml-magix/darkmagic
their nice:)

I gotta go do a 10-hr day
will post link for uploaded(now uploading)
fixed ThorsHammer-090109.iso/zip

brianL 08-31-2009 12:15 PM

I'm t t tr tre trem embling.

linus72 08-31-2009 03:54 PM

it's all done and uploaded

here's the iso 696mb with md5sum


here's the zip, remember, it's the same as the iso
just in zip form
for those who don't have access to a cd burner
or just wanna install to usb/hd

zip md5sum

You goota have a recent version of syslinux to get the graphical boot
If you use Unetbootin to instal to usb
it wont run right.

Instructions to install to fat32 usb:
Simply download and unzip directly into your usb or into a folder, then to usb
From the running cd, if you burnt to cd
use Pmagic-4.4(darkmagic) to copy everything to usb and then use pmagic to install

Installing to ext2/3 usb
grub is already setup
just copy to usb , install grub, and boot

Making a custom iso
you can download the zip pkg and transform it into
an iso using the script in /boot folder

in terminal
and then give it a name ending in .iso, like mycd.iso

if any problems or issues please post here!
I am writing all the docs still:)

OH, to run grml-magix persistent from hd/usb or cd
make a "live-rw" partition or a "live-rw" file

Pmagic has it's opwn save function
as does puppy.

Also, grml/pmagic and puppy have flash10 pre-installed into
the squashfs's:)

any thoughts, questions or ridicule
have fun!

EricTRA 08-31-2009 03:56 PM

Spain is already shaking all over; I'm downloading tomorrow from work.

Thanks a lot Linux72.

Kind regards,


linus72 08-31-2009 05:57 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Whats really cool is how I made it so
it will bot from cd, from fat32 or ext2/3 usb and from hd too!

You can install it(the extracted iso/zip)
into a Ubuntu or slack partition too!

Just copy the folders GRML, live, and pmagic to your hd, either in its own partition or
inside a ubuntu/slack,etc partition
heres mine
grml-magix and pmagic in my Ultimate-Edition partition
see screenshot

then just also copy the folder /boot/grmlsid into your /boot folder
and setup your grub menu.lst
to boot grml/pmagic
use the mneu.lst in cd /boot/grub/pmagic-menu.lst
and /boot/grub/grml-menu.lst

just add these entries to your existing menu.lst


title GRML-Magix Menu
root (hdx,x)
configfile /boot/grub/grml-menu.lst

title DarkMagic-4.4
root (hdx,x)
configfile /boot/grub/pmagic-menu.lst

to make grml-magix persistent you must have a second ext2/3 partition
this can also be a partition with an installed system inside
simply make a "live-rw" file of whatever size

$ dd if=/dev/null of=live-rw bs=1G seek=1        # for a 1GB sized image file
$ /sbin/mkfs.ext2 -F live-rw

I made a 2gb one and put it in my slack partition

then use the "persistent" cheatcode

PMagic can save settings to a hd too or usb

anybody check it out yet?

I need feedback cause it's like proofreading your own book
other's opinions are better:)

all the members here who answer my constant questions
you helped make this as much as I did
so, it really is yours too

linus72 08-31-2009 07:05 PM

I just downloaded and then installed to my usb
then used grml-magix's k3b to burn the iso to cd-r
I even used an old usb dvd-rw lite-on
and it did it flawlessly too

I think I did a good job on this one:)

anybody wanna remaster their own?
I'm writing the how-to's now

here's whats in it

grml-medium-daily-sid 0827

Parted Magic 4.4

RescuePuppy-beta, which is browserlinux-0809+ dd rescue/testdisk/photorec and more


alien bobs mini iso slack 13


and mini partedmagic

and plop bootmanager

It can boot a usb on a non-boot-from-usb computer too
I use it everyday to boot my pc that won't boot from usb

burn thorshammer to cd-r and use plop to boot your usb's:)
also includes supergrubdisk and others too

GlennsPref 09-01-2009 08:57 AM

Wow! this is really something!

Thanks heaps for your efforts, I am dl'ing asap, maybe 2 sept (tomorrow, my time).

Regards Glenn

linus72 09-01-2009 04:19 PM

Thanks Glenn

a note too for new grml users
the only desktop in grml-magix is fluxbox
and you start it when grml loads it wwill load to a console gui thing and will ask what
you wanna do, grml-x or grml-network, etc

so, to start fluxbox
enter x
and then enter

Ther is a BUG in grml-network too
dhcp will be brought up at boot
but, if you chooes grml-network from menu
and your running "persistent"
it will delete your dhcp stuff at reboot ad you will have to manually do grml-network at each boot:(

But, I fixed as best I could by bringing up eth0/eth1, etc at boot
as long as you NEVER do grml-network
it s all good

also, I just found out a way to autostartx fluxbox in grml-magix
thanks to azhag
check out his distro here

hes got the coolest fluxbox I've ever seen
and I'm gonna try to add his "devices" menu
and the toolbar volume app to my grml-magix + nodm

so, tell me if anybodys actually tried it yet too

GlennsPref 09-01-2009 10:36 PM


here's the iso 696mb with md5sum


glenn@GamesBox:~$ md5 /home/glenn/Download/ThorsHammer-090109.iso    (02-09 12:32)
13a06dd53cff5f593a601ba830009bc0        /home/glenn/Download/ThorsHammer-090109.iso

First step complete, YES!

EricTRA 09-02-2009 01:08 AM

Hi Linus72,

I downloaded the zip yesterday, formatted my 32Gb USB (fat32) and extracted the zip onto it.


just unzip to usb and install grub or syslinux(included)
you can install grub or syslinux in linux/windows
by cd'ing into syslinux or grub4dos folder and install from there
I tried to install grub from windows but it gave me an error and didn't execute. The readme in the grub4dos directory states that it will not run from a DOS box in Windows, that it has to be run from DOS. Can you clarify on that please. Sorry if I seem like a noob, but in regards to this stuff (installing on USB, grub, bootloaders and stuff), guess what, I AM a noob ;)

Is it easier to install under Linux? I got two Linux machines at home also, so if that's easier...

Kind regards,


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