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blames 12-28-2004 12:44 PM

Terminal Executes unwanted command at openning
I was looking at a script that was written for FSL (a data analysis software for Neuroscience). I copy and pasted a command "exec /usr/local/fsl/bin/tixwish" this command should start the program, just to see if it worked. And it does . But now every time I open a terminal the above command is executed automatically. Does anyone know how I can reverse this....

thanks for any replies

Vincent_Vega 12-28-2004 12:49 PM

Where did you copy and paste it to? You're using bash probably, right? you can look in the .bash* files (.bashrc, .bash_profile, etc.) to see if references are made.

blames 12-28-2004 01:00 PM

No file.. just the terminal window.
I actually copy and pasted it into a terminal window.. no file. That's what I don't understand. Yes I am using bash.

Ok.. I just logged out and logged back in, thinking that it would reset things. When I logged back in, before the Fedora Core 2 screen popped up.. the FSL app opened again and my machine won't continue log in until I close the program..

How do you think typing the command in the terminal window could have effected anything?


Vincent_Vega 12-28-2004 03:46 PM

I guess that depends on what the 'tixwish' prog does! Were you logged in as root when you did that? I guess you need this prog on your computer?? Just a guess but maybe look in the /etc/inittab file (or the Fedora equivalent) to see if it's loading there. It could also be set to run in one of the runlevel scripts (rc.0, rc.M, etc.) I guess...maybe... Make sure you know what the prog name is and start looking around!! Let me know where you find it or what you find. I'm curious now!

blames 12-28-2004 04:16 PM

I found out what was going on.. On the website for the program they have a set of lines to add to your .bashrc file to allow a command line option for opening it. On the webpage they had an extra line which turned out to be a call to the actual command line command. So it was in my bashrc file and I didn't recognize it because I assumed that what was ont their webpage was right.
It was just a coinicidence that I entered the "exec" command and then started noticing the problem.

Sorry for the confusion.. but thank you very much for your help..


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