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mtpodlesak 09-25-2006 02:30 PM

Tar to tape in SuSE Ent. hosted on iSeries
I'm relatively new to the Linux world, although I've figured out several things this backup to tape with tar has me stumped. Below is a copy of a backup script used to backup the contents of the Linux partition hosted on the iSeries. The backup "seems" to work however I don't know how to restore the contents or a specific file from the tape. I'm quite frustrated with this so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

# full backup to tape on iSeries
# created 4/29/04 modified 09/22/06

# The following line will debug the tape drive shared between linux and os400
# on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server. These lines were added at the recommendation
# of SuSE support on 4/29/04.

fuser -v /dev/iseries/vt0 | logger -t fuser

# ***********DIRS line needs to be readdressed. It is condensed for testing

# Change the three variables below.
DIRS="/junk" # Directories to backup
BACKUPTO=/dev/iseries/vt0 # where to store the backup
TAR=/bin/tar # name and location of tar command

# The lines below use the parms above to complete a backup.

echo "***** start time:"
echo "********** removing old sockets entries"
rm /var/sockets.txt
echo "************** finding sockets..."
find $DIRS -type s > /var/sockets.txt
echo "******************** archiving..."
$TAR -b 40 -cvf $BACKUPTO $DIRS --exclude-from=/var/sockets.txt --absolute-names --totals
echo "*************************************** End Time:"

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