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nadine.mauch 08-23-2003 09:40 AM

system msg "kernel:___alloc_page:0-order allocation failed
Working environment:
I've got a IBM eServer204 running a SuSE8.1 distribution (kernel 2.4.19)
512Mo of memory and a swap file of 502 Mo
This server is a DNS/DHCP/Samba and Hylafax server in an
environnment of 6 PC under Win98SE
Files for the PC are stored on the IBM server
Traffic is low. Some users work on Excel/Word from time to time
and hylafax sends nearly 50 fax a day.

How the problem appears :
At a time users don't see the server anymore on their PC in
Windows Network Neighborhood

On the IBM server on console 10 (ctrl+Alt+F10) I can see messages
like kernel:___alloc-page:0-order allocation failed
and some others like
kernel:VM:killing process kdeinit

What I suppose : I think I've got out of swap page place
What I'd like to know : why ? and how can I know how this appens (with top ?) ? Is this a known problem ? Can it be patched ?

Thanks for hints or answer

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