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slopez 04-14-2003 05:37 AM

System hangs when Mounting local filesystems, help please!!
Hello. I am having a small problem and i would appreciate some help. When I boot up my linux system, during startup it reaches to the point where it says Mounting local filesystems: , at this point my system hangs and I have to reboot. After rebooting linux starts normally, but this always happens the first time I open my computer and its a bit annoying. How could i fix it or what could be causing it ????
Help plz!!!!! I hope you guys can help me :)
Thanks in advance.



jailbait 04-14-2003 08:32 PM

watch shutdown
I would start on this problem by watching the shutdown messages carefully. Is there something that does not shut down properly?

ronaldomenezes 06-30-2003 01:07 PM

I have the same problem above but....
My problem with the mounting file systems is that the
system hangs and I can't get in any longer except for
the fail safe mode. I already re-installed mandrake 9.1
but the problem keeps happening again.

Please any ideas about what I should do? I
have a inspiron 5100 dell laptop.

dreamtheater 03-05-2004 03:37 PM

Sorry for piggybacking but I've got the same problem and help is greatly appreciated!

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