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Techweenie1 08-30-2004 12:01 PM

Symbolic links in /dev
when ever I create a symbolic link in the /dev directory , it disappears on restart, how do I create links in /dev that remain?

Vookimedlo 08-30-2004 12:28 PM

You are probably using devfs or something like this. Write your "ln" command to your sysinit script. There is maybe cleaner solution.

Techweenie1 08-30-2004 12:35 PM

yeah I'm using udev I believe...anyway issuing the link commands in my rc.local script did the trick, thanks.

Techweenie1 08-30-2004 12:50 PM

I think I may have found the proper way seems there's a file called /etc/udev/udev.conf ... supposed to issue your links such as L video /dev/v4l/video0 instead of ln -s /dev/video /dev/v4l/video0 going to try it out and see if it works.

Techweenie1 08-30-2004 12:56 PM

err I take that back... this post explains it a bit further...guess you do have to use ln -s but in a file called make_extra_nodes?

Techweenie1 08-30-2004 01:01 PM

err crap that didn't work either...if I figure out the "proper" way I'll post it here.

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