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$13.40 10-05-2001 03:59 AM

Switching Video Cards IN LINUX.

I dual boot WIN2K and SuSE 7.1.

I have two video cards. PCI - Intergraph (primary). AGP - TNT2 (secondary). As setup in the BIOS config PCI boots first.

WIN2K in the display panel can see both and I can easily switch from one to the other and then move the monitor lead from card 2 card.

When I boot Linux it automatically uses the PCI card which is not supported so I have to run the generic video mode (arghhh). I have been using Linux for awhile now but the resolution is crap and reading documents is hard. It is messy basically.

Anyhow I would like to be able to configure Linux to use the AGP card on Xstartup instead because it is supported. I do not want to change my bios.

How do I do this? I only have one monitor so I don't really want to run two monitors. I just watch to switch cards inside Linux and boot with that card instead.

Any help is appreciated.

punt 10-05-2001 10:40 AM

i'm no expert, but i'd imagine that your only option would be to set the AGP one as the primary and the PCI one as secondary. i know you don't want to modify the BIOS, but it's a simple change and should probably work. try it and see.

good luck.

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